April 06, 2005 06:01AM
Approximately 35km NE of Lumsden, on S.H. 6, between Queenstown and Te Anau/Manapouri/Milford Sound and/or Invercargill for a warm welcome and amongst all the other meal or snack options, the yummiest scones, visit Athol – there are two food place options there but from memory I think the place I mean is called the “Highway Café” – both places would be on your right if travelling south i.e. Queenstown to Te Anau/Invercargill – and my recommendation is the first one you’d come to (on a corner if I remember rightly) – obviously I need to visit there again to have a clearer recollection re name, etc; but be assured I can still recall the cheese scones and no matter how I’ve tried I just can’t make a scone that matches the Athol scones – any of the food we’ve had there has been really good and fresh and they have really good coffee too, but those scones…...

Re: Athol
May 26, 2006 01:39AM
Shirley you are absolutely right the scones are delicious especially the date
iI could never drive past this cafe without calling in for a scone,
,cheers Anne
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