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Condies Crystals

Posted by cass 
Condies Crystals
March 20, 2007 06:42PM
On Tonys Garden show last Saturday morning a lady gave Tony a recipe for cleaning a water feature in your garden. I think it was 1tsp of Crystals to 1ltr of water but not sure. It evidently changes the colour of the water 3 times in the week, but by the end your water is crystal clear. If anyone heard this could they please let me know, as Tony was going on a project so cant ask him
thank you Cass.
Re: Condies Crystals
March 21, 2007 02:01PM
Condy's crystals, or potassium permanganate, might be available at a chemist shop, but as it can be lethal if ingested, you might have problems buying it. It's uses are various, from treating fungal infections such as athletes foot, to purifying water.
Re: Condies Crystals
March 22, 2007 01:18AM
Would it be ok to use with a pond that has fish in it?
Re: Condies Crystals
March 22, 2007 02:04PM
As it has corrosive properties, I would suggest you keep it well away from your fish. There are other, less dangerous, water purifiers available. If you are wanting to get rid of algae from your pond, there's a great little product called Algae Rid put out by Masterpet, and available from your pet-shop. I use it in the bird-bath to keep that horrible red algae at bay. On the other hand, if your fish have a fungal infection, the addition of a bit of salt to the pond might help. Or remove the infected fish to a tank for a day or two that has salt added to it.
Re: Condies Crystals
March 23, 2007 08:52PM
Just adding a little to Lornas post re the salt. Use Pond salt not ordinary salt, it doesn't cost that much and it is a great tonic for fish
Re: Condies Crystals
April 02, 2007 03:33AM
Sorry Ive taken so long to get back on this subject but not sure what to do as we are shifting in September so at 6s-7s for the moment but thank you for your advice and will keep it in my Documents.Cass.
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