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New root cellar

New root cellar
November 03, 2008 10:25PM
As I walked outside last Wednesday and thought of all the produce I still had around, I just figured I needed to build a root cellar. Never give a man with time on his hands a front end loader. By Thursday I had a hole large enough to drive the tractor in, and had all the timbers in place. Covered everything in some tin I had around, then backfilled and mounded up very much dirt over the top. I was even able to drive the tractor on top of it without it caving in. (Guess how I discovered I could do that) Hint - I didn't crash through the roof when I was on top heaping up the dirt.

So today I am the new owner of a root cellar that is already half filled with sweet potatoes, winter squash (pumpkins), fingerling potatoes, leeks, onions, cabbage, beets (beetroot), and tomorrow the rest of our regular potatoes. (reds and Yukon Golds)

It is even large enough that I can back my six wheeler in with a load of produce. I still have to put the doors on, but the weather is kind enough to allow me a couple of more days to get that done.


P.S. As I was digging the cellar, I dug up a lot of tree roots. Is that why they call it a root cellar, or is it because they are used to store root vegetables?
Re: New root cellar
November 04, 2008 01:58PM
Hi Greg, I keep the 4 potatoes a week that I buy from the supermarket in a black plastic bag which itself is in a small box on the floor of my kitchen pantry. They last all week in there, and sometimes I even have one left over to use next week. grinning smiley
Is Leslyn going to let you escape the Montana winter and come to NZ this summer? I'm wondering if we're going to have a summer, actually. The forecast last night is for snow and freezing conditions down in the south island. If the north wind blows from down there, we'll feel it for sure up here.
Re: New root cellar
November 07, 2008 02:44AM

I am going to continue to monitor the cheap air fare sites I have, and if the moon and stars align properly along with the stock market, I may make a trip. I, being the contrarian person I am, am probably the only one in the area to buy some stock this year. It looks like a fire sale to me on some I have been watching. If they do what I think they may do in the next few months, I will use those proceeds for a trip down under. If not, I Haven't invested a fortune, so will just stay here and get the farm ready for next year.

We had a great year here, and I would normally be planning a trip. But my son will be getting out of the Navy in February, and my daughter is graduating high school this year, so if the stock thing doesn't pan out, I may allocate the farm proceeds this year to their future education plans, and forgo a trip. I am counting on the stocks going up. (can they go down any further?)

That being said, if the fares are proper and I find an opportune time, I may be a knocking at your door. I so had a great time there, and have many times extolled that feeling to many of my friends. The people and the country are to be commended and I can only hope my 2nd trip will be as fun as my first. I will be back down there several more times, and I think I will have to bring Leslyn as she has been in envy of my first trip.

Your friend,
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