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Where is Farm A Way?

Where is Farm A Way?
April 13, 2010 11:57PM
I just miss her posts. Anybody heard from her?


Farm way a way
Re: Where is Farm A Way?
April 14, 2010 12:59AM
Hi Greg

It's nice to be missed, thanks for asking smiling smiley I've been keeping half an eye on the forum and occasionally pipping in.

It's full on here, got long-term visitors, harvest time, a stall at the Farmers' Market every Saturday morning, not to mention the three kids and full-time job.

But the bonus is that I've been getting practice at cooking for a family of nine, including those who won't eat cheese, garlic, pasta, or seafood (and I though the kids were bad!) so I've been delving deep into the cookery books and trying new things.

I've also grown some new things and have been experimenting with using them as ingredients, including horned melon (Kiwano) and sechuan button (the flower of the toothache plant). My beloved went on a cheese workshop and came home with whey, so I made a whey-based bread last night (went down well with the masses), and I have also been learning how to weave flax with a vague plan to weave my own containers for the farmers market.

Hopefully things will calm down in the winter, the boys' sports notwithstanding.

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