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Dragon Fruit Germination tips?

Posted by Sogogi110 
Dragon Fruit Germination tips?
October 11, 2016 06:25AM
So yesterday night, I was at the store with my mother and we were looking for ingredients I needed for a meal I needed to cook for my cooking club. I was looking at the garlic and I saw this couple holding up this dragon fruit. I was completely shocked that our local grocery store was selling dragon fruit. I went over to check it out and it was 7$, I convinced my mom to buy it considering they're pretty rare. I completely blanked out the entire time we were there because I was so excited for the dragonfruit. Along with the dragon fruit, they had some of those kiwano horned melons, which I couldn't get because I didn't wanna push it too far with my mom when we were already running low on money.
Anyways, how do I germinate these things? I ate one-half of the dragon fruit (which was amazing, it taste similar to a kiwi but better because you dont need to go through the trouble to peel it), I have the other one in a bag in the fridge. I took seeds from the first half, I soaked them in water, and rubbed them between my fingers in order to remove the pulp, (could that damage them?). I also put some of the seeds in a pot of dirt rather than using the plastic bag method, though, these ones were buried with lots of pulp. Am I doing this right? Like should I put it in a window or something?
Any general advice?
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