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Over Wintering Swan Plant Milkweed

Posted by Emily185 
Over Wintering Swan Plant Milkweed
November 12, 2016 12:53AM
I am talking about Gomphocarpus fruiticosus.

I grew it for the first time this year from seed given me from CA and TX. It was a very quick grower but poor bloomer. Out of 11 plants total, I had a whopping 2 bloom clusters and each were pathetic. Neither set seed.

Since I am such a zone pusher, I cut back hard, dug up and potted the plants today. I stuck a ton of cuttings in water in hopes they will set root.

My questions?

Has anyone in the colder zones over-wintered these indoors? I will keep mine in the garage or basement or both. Will keep the cuttings in the basement. Will likely grow more from seed as well.

FWIW - I did have a lot of Monarch cat activity. At the peak, I had 9 cats at the same time on the 11 plants. Aside from Swamp, this was my best place to find cats. (All told I had ~ 110 plants of ~ 10 Milkweed varieties.), popular ringtones, Starboy ringtone

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Re: Over Wintering Swan Plant Milkweed
November 12, 2016 03:17AM
Emily, I think you're in America(?) and we're in New Zealand. I do grow these. I've noticed some set seed and others don't. I think if you're overwintering them inside they would prefer as much light as possible. I've also found cutting them back doesn't necessarily give a good end result. Haven't done cuttings. My mother always set her cuttings (not swan plants but anything else she fancied growing) in a tumbler of water on her laundry windowsill and then promptly ignored them for months and many things seemed to grow there. It got lots of light but not much direct sun (only early morning) and had a pretty even temperature as it was a room separate to the house.
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