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Oriental Lilies

Posted by marylew 
Oriental Lilies
January 07, 2017 07:29PM
I have successfully grown Oriental Lilies for the first time.I had two large plastic pots and kept them on my deck.I have taken off the flowering heads and left long enough stems to die down in their own time.That much I have read.I can't find anywhere what to do next.Do I stop watering them now and leave them as they are, until their next growing season? Any tips appreciated thanks.
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 07, 2017 11:29PM
I would still water them so you're replicating the natural moisture they would get from the ground if they weren't in a pot. They'll then die down at their normal rate rather than quickly due to lack of moisture caused by being in a pot.

Once died down, you can leave them in the pot. Sometimes people dig bulbs up because it helps stop wire worm etc, from eating and destroying them, and then they plant them again at the appropriate time (e.g. March). Some bulbs are more susceptible to being eaten than others. You'll need to fertilise them at appropriate times or they'll run out of nutrition for growing good flowers.
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 08, 2017 01:40AM
Fertilise them and keep watering them...they need food now as they are storing for next years flowers. I wait until mine die off (the stems will dry and eventually come away) and then split the bulbs up if the pot was looking a little crowded. Mine live out in my garden so just get watered when I do the rest of the garden through summer and then get rained on through Autumn and Winter.
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 10, 2017 03:39PM
Thank you J1 and Griz.Sorry to reply so late (not been feeling too good).I am a slow learner so what I am trying to understand is about the dormant bulbs in winter.They are going to stay in their pots on the deck which doesn't get any rain.Should I water the pots once a week or will the bulbs rot?They will be warm but dry.Or do you suggest to take them off the deck and put their pots in the garden for winter? Thanks.
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 10, 2017 04:21PM
Marylew, what we do with our begonias - and this would apply with any potted plant - is bury the pot and all in the garden. If we decide to move the location we just lift the pot. So why don't you just plant the whole lily and pot in your garden now so over winter so it gets natural watering, and then lift it when leaves appear?

We saw this idea when visiting a friend's uncle who is in his 90s. His whole section had been converted to garden - it was beautiful. And he does this with many types of plants so he can change his garden around.

That is of course if it isn't a big huge pot or a pottery one smiling smiley
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 10, 2017 09:21PM
I just put the pots back in my garden now, and they stay there until next summer. I don't water them especially, but obviously they get rained on or watered if I'm watering something else in the same vicinity. I don't bury the pots though, just pop them back where they came from in my garden (which is either side of my passionfruit vine, beside a fence).
Re: Oriental Lilies
January 12, 2017 12:03AM
Thanks Irene and Griz. Very good I understand now.
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