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Luisa Plums

Posted by helen 
Luisa Plums
January 26, 2017 09:37PM
On the advice of a commercial plum grower I planted a Luisa plum to go with our Santa Rosa and Satsuma and I am so pleased we did. The tree is young and didn't have many plums but they are so crunchy yet sweet and interesting in flavour.
Also because it is fruiting now we are unlikely to miss the fruit as we did with our other trees that fruit early January.
I think the birds got all but a few of the plums and same with our boysenberries.
Does anyone else grow Luisa?

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Re: Luisa Plums
January 26, 2017 09:53PM
We've grown Luisa plums in Grey Lynn and in South Auckland, both with exceptional crops. We've planted one here in the Waikato but our neighbours have said that theirs doesn't fruit consistently so we'll wait and see.

I love the look of Luisas, and I like the way the stones can be removed without damaging the flesh. I stuff them with an almond and brandy mixture and bake them, delicious hot or cold. They make good jam, with a spectacular colour.

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Re: Luisa Plums
January 27, 2017 01:37AM
We were excited to buy a Luisa plum tree this winter, after purchasing the fruit from a roadside store many times on the way to Muriwai Beach in West Auckland.
Our Luisa tree has not fruited this season, but it's a big strong young tree and we have high hopes for next year.
Nothing compares to the Luisa plum - such a pretty elongated shape and colour. I think we bought ours from Waiweri Orchards on-line.
Re: Luisa Plums
January 27, 2017 06:04PM
our section is too small for any fruit trees. However I was very lucky to be gifted a large bag of Luisa Plums from a lovely lady residing on our dog walking route here in Hamilton. The tree is absolutely laden - and I must say they are an extremely beautiful plum
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