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The storm just about flattened my vegetable garden sad smiley

Posted by Jenna 
The storm just about flattened my vegetable garden sad smiley
January 06, 2018 05:45PM
I hope others fare better. We're just north of Auckland and had huge winds for about 20hrs. Despite frantic staking, tying and supporting, I've got several collapsed and broken tomatoes, many branches broken or twisted, leaves shredded, cucumbers ripped from the frames, broken chiles, one bean tower blew almost completely over and roots were pulled out.. just a nightmare. This is in a fenced area with windbreak and a 2m hedge on one side and a 1.8m slatted fence on the other. I thought they were fairly well sheltered. I'd taken precautions on Wednesday and trimmed back a lot of excess vegetation on the tomatoes so there would be less bulk to blow around. With the hot sunny weather everything was growing so very well too.

As soon as the drizzle stops I'm going to coat everything in copper in the hopes of staving off any infection getting in through all the broken and mangled bits.

I know others will be suffering far worse fates, with flooded houses and damaged roofing, but my garden is really important to me.. it's my happy place.

I'm very grateful for the rain, we all desperately needed it, but the wind was just too much sad smiley

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