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I have grown watery pumpkin!!

Posted by steph 'n' mac 
I have grown watery pumpkin!!
April 10, 2018 08:31PM
Hi all,
I had a great summer season in my Auckland garden and it has resulted in many pumpkins - large greys, butternuts and a few smaller green skinned buttercups. I left them on the vine as long as possible, and they grew in full, hot, sunlight. Most have only just been harvested this past week. I am so disappointed that the 2 ( a large grey and a small butternut) I have already tried to eat are watery, pale of flesh and tasteless. Does anybody have any idea why this should be so??? I feel that I have done everything right. Will storage improve them?? (I doubt it) Thanks for any tips.

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Re: I have grown watery pumpkin!!
April 11, 2018 01:47AM
How disappointing! The only thing I can think of is did they get fed enough? I know with a lot of fruit and veg, if they're low on nutrients they still grow, but not as large or sweet or tasty as if they were well fed.
Re: I have grown watery pumpkin!!
April 11, 2018 04:13AM
I wonder if this might help:

I've been told by a home veggie grower here in Adelaide that once the vines start to wither, he picks one and cuts it open, and if the seeds look the 'right' colour, and the thready material around the seeds is starting to dry off, plus the orangeness of the pumpkin flesh as well, he'll pick the rest. I wonder if the rest of your crop might mature if you store them for a while?
And another thought - could they have cross-pollinated with something else?

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Re: I have grown watery pumpkin!!
April 23, 2018 08:19PM
I wonder if it is something to do with the weather. The pumpkins I have bought recently have been either horrible watery ones or so dry they were just like eating an old shoe.
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