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Anonymous User
May 30, 2006 09:52PM
As I've mentioned on another forum here, I am sure our house is resting on an ant's nest - there are just so many!!
Lots of my house plants have ants in the pot tray etc, but we also have a large-ish yucca plant outside that just has steams of ants running up & down the stem. As you know yuccas are pretty vicious plants & I don't really want to go sticking my hands in & around those leaves to squash the ants - can anyone recommend a spray that will kill the ants on the plants (without harming the plants. i have tried using ant bait in a little bowl, however the ants just keep on arriving.
We do have an Expra pest spray unit in the house (but has currently run out of spray, & I'm waiting on more supplies to arrive at the local Mitre 10).
We are moving house shortly, & am very tempted to just abandon or dump the plants rather than risk taking the ants, in particular any queen ants that will attract further hordes.
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Re: Ants
May 30, 2006 11:42PM
when i was growing up my mother use to make up a mix and put into old jar's with a lid on and a hole in the top of the lid
and they were planted around the cook house as my mum cooked for 12 guys and keeping on top ofof the ants were a problem she got the ingredients from a chemist
Re: Ants
May 31, 2006 04:31AM
When I was camping in the Sinai desert and the flies were just unbelievable. We were sleeping under the stars and regularly visited by scorpians, foxes and flies. The flies were unbearable. The scorpians just crawled over us while we slept and the foxes just came and sniffed us while we slept. One day I had a bit of a brain wave. I refilled an empty water bottle with sea water and poured in lots of sugar and then put some tiny holes in the top so the water bottle seeped sugar stuff.

During the day the flies congregated and advanced on the bottle and eventually somehow adhered to same bottle. By night time the bottle was a thick mass of flies and no longer elongated as a bottle is, but round like a Christmas pudding. Still more flies came. This was night number one with the Christmas bottle. That night, I was awakened as usual by the fox sniffing my nose and I mumbled piss off fox and then sat up and watched him in the moonlight, meander over to the Christmas pud, pick it up and make his way down to the edge of the water. My husband and I both crept after him and watched him fishing in the moonlight and then as the sky began to lighten, he evaporated. Maybe he was a dream we were both sharing.

When daylight was truly upon us we went looking for the pudding.. no sight. No sight of any nocturnal visits. We searched far and wide in the morning as we were finding wood for our evening fire. No sign of a footprint or an empty bottle.

Each day we repeated the pattern and each night was the same dream and each morning was the same reality...and every morning we were covered with the prints of scorpian trod marks.

I repeat that ignorance is bliss becos if I had known what was happening as we slept I would probably have screamed the desert down. Nature harmonises with those who don't try to fight it and how can you fight something you do not perceive to be a threat... through sheer ignorance!!
Re: Ants
May 31, 2006 04:34AM
Oh shucks and shucks again.. I only started that previous thread because we have so many ants as well and they are driving me nuts. Someone recently suggested putting a saucer of sugar outside on the doorstep. I will have to try that I think.
They are even getting into the freezer..Yeah that's right. Open door to freezer and there is a line of ants. Had freezer checked and everything seems okay there.
Re: Ants
May 31, 2006 05:45PM
if you put slices of lemon on bits of paper towels around where you see ants coming in, after about 3 days you will find that you wont have an ant problem , and just change the bits of lemon when they start to look a bit yucky. I got told this by an elderly lady a few years back , and now i never have a problem with ants at all

PS once the ants are gone completely just get rid of the lemon , if they come back just repeat the process


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Re: Ants
May 31, 2006 05:53PM
go to the supermarket /local hardware and get some No More Ants, it is in a yellow container, I have used this and it has worked.
As for pot plants you will probably need to repot and use fressh potting mix dumping the old mixture somewhere to dispose of it (Green Fingers bin). You will need to this before you move so to leave the ants behind.
Kay D
Re: Ants
May 31, 2006 07:52PM
Okay Kay, thanks. I will check it out. They come in from an exposed side of the house when the weather is out the other side. Not sure the lemon idea would work ANT unless I placed them inside. I used to use cloves scattered around and they work by and large in cupboards, but are not weapons of mass destruction which I need at present to reclaim my skirtings etc.

Soon it should be cold enough to deter them. Shouldn't it? I wonder where they are going though.
Anonymous User
Re: Ants
June 08, 2006 03:43AM
Thanks Kay & Kerry,
Thought that I would need to do stuff with the plants/potting mix ... those pesky ants are definately not coming on this trip with me.
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