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Merlot VS Chianti!!!

Posted by Abisha Lopez 
Merlot VS Chianti!!!
September 01, 2011 09:17AM
Hi mates,

I have a recipe for braised beef short ribs that calls for Chianti wine. I am not a red wine lover but was given several bottles of Merlot as hostess gifts. Could I use the Merlot in place of the Chianti or would it ruin the taste of the dish?
Not being a red wine person, I don't know the flavor profiles of the two wines.

Thank you so much.
Abisha Lopez

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Re: Merlot VS Chianti!!!
September 01, 2011 05:10PM
Yes, you can use Merlot in place of Chianti. Chianti is from the Chianti region of Italy and is usually made from Sangiovese grapes but can and often does have other varieties added to it.

I often use substitutes and although the end result may be slightly different it's always been very acceptable.
Re: Merlot VS Chianti!!!
April 08, 2012 08:34AM
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