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Old Chardonnay?

Posted by jen 
Old Chardonnay?
July 12, 2014 01:42AM
Amongst the things found contained deep within a kitchen 'junk' drawer, the one where anything and everything is scooped up and thrown into, when unexpected in-laws or worse show up at your drive... A 1998 bottle of Hawkes Bay Chardonnay, still in it's Huka Lodge gift box.

Would like to know if it would still be drinkable please? I've tried to Google ' 1998 HB Chardonnay' but not much info comes to light.

Re: Old Chardonnay?
July 14, 2014 11:53PM
You'd probably need to know the producer to get an an idea.

Chardonnay can last longer than most white wines but depends if it was made for aging, how it was stored, cork or screw cap...
I would guess it won't be improving any longer though.

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Re: Old Chardonnay?
August 01, 2014 09:12PM
jen, by now you have probably found out for yourself whether the Chardonnay is/was drinkable. The nose test; sniff the cork first, if it smells musty then I wouldn't drink the wine. The chances are that a 1998 wine would have a cork and not a stelven cap.
I would go as far as to say if it was presented in a Huka Lodge gift box then it would probably be, or has been, good quality wine.

One night at a wine club a member turned up with a 25 year old bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. He'd found it under his house where it had been covered in soil and whatever else is under houses. We tasted it and although it was a little flabby it was otherwise drinkable. Probably because of the condition under which it lay protected over the years.
Re: Old Chardonnay?
November 04, 2014 10:07PM
Still haven't drunk it! Should have had it at Halloween...
Re: Old Chardonnay?
March 18, 2015 08:12PM
I would definitely send the winemakers/producers an email with a pic for their feedback BUT of course you will know straightaway when you taste it.
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