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How often do you drink wine?

Posted by MoanaGeek 
How often do you drink wine?
June 01, 2017 07:07AM
I drink about 2-3 glasses per day
Re: How often do you drink wine?
July 20, 2017 03:30PM
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Re: How often do you drink wine?
September 27, 2017 04:17AM
I was just thinking about this question!

I have a glass of red MOST days - I love my one - two glasses but do think I need (only because media tells me) to have a couple of NO ALCOHOL nights.

I used to drink white - mostly a good oaky Chardonnay but now the preference is red red red.
Half a bottle is my limit these days, any more and I wake up foggyeye popping smiley

Re: How often do you drink wine?
June 06, 2018 07:50AM
I`m not a big fan of wine, but prefer red one. Also me and my girlfriend have a tradition to drink Maderia - we always buy a bottle or two on our anniversary. It`s the only type of wine that i really love. It`s strong enough for me and really dellicious.
Re: How often do you drink wine?
June 06, 2018 11:00PM
4 times a week smiling smiley The sweet ones .

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Re: How often do you drink wine?
July 25, 2018 08:49AM
Well, it depends. Sometimes I spend a month or more without taking a single glass, but sometimes I drink a glass each evening for a week or so. It actually depends on the season and also, it depends on whether I have guests or no. During holiday season we often have our friends over for dinner and those are our special moments... moments when we relax and have a glass or two smiling smiley I like to be prepared and since we are true white wine lovers, I always take a bottle more than we need, from a nearby bottle shop in Haymarket, so we don't get surprise if our friends take more people with them smiling smiley So, I would say a glass per week and it's usually Sauvignon Blanc.

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