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New Member Looking For Drinking Advice.

Posted by Shawnturner 
New Member Looking For Drinking Advice.
December 10, 2017 05:04AM
A hearty good morning to all the Wine Spectator forums members. My name is Ciaran. I'm from Northampton, England but currently living and working in Shandong, China.

I first became interested in wine in 2011 when I watched a TV series presented Oz Clarke and James May. Since then, I have become more and more interested in the world of wine and the appreciation of a good glass. There are a few wine bars in my city here in China and some really good wines.

I love tasting wines although I really couldn't give any good tasting notes, I just savour the flavours of each of the different bottles I choose. Currently my favourite wines come from Chile and France. If I may, I'd now like to ask for some advice on storing, opening and drinking a bottle of wine that I have purchased for my 30th birthday next month. I'll try and give you all the information I can about it.

The wine in question is a pinot noir from France. The full name is 'Dufouleur Pere & Fils Cuvee Napoleon 1er Bourgogne Pinot Noir'. It's a 2009 vintage I purchased in a supermarket. I had seen this wine about 2 years ago in a another supermarket and really wanted to try it.
It was 590RMB, about 63GBP, the most expensive bottle I've ever bought,so I really want to enjoy this wine. I currently have it lying on its side in a cupboard in my living room. I am told it's a good idea to keep the cork moist though I don't know why.

To be honest, I am a complete amateur so any other advice on storing, opening, serving and tasting wine shall be listened to and very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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