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Freezer Meals

Posted by Emmap 
Freezer Meals
June 16, 2007 04:09AM

I've just been told I"ll need a couple of days in hospital and then a couple more weeks off my feet. I want to make some meals that I can freeze and the hubby or teenage daughter can just reheat in the oven and make a salad etc.

Would love some surgestions please - so far thought I'll do a lasagne, fish pie and a chilli.

Also not sure what to freeze them in - is it best to get the foil roasting pans from the supermarket so they don't have to bother to much about cleanup - or wreck some of my good dishes!!?

And.. do these recipes freeze okay cooked and then frozen the the dish to later reheat? usually I only have small leftovers that get eaten in a few days!!

I don't want us to be eating food that all seems the same or boring.

Any help would be good.


Re: Freezer Meals
June 16, 2007 06:25AM
Hope everything goes well for you.
It is always handy to have something in the freezer especially for times like you are about to face.
Ideas could include -mince as savoury mince, as meat ball, as meat loaf,as burger patties or rissoles, cottage pie, prepare ready to cook or cook and freeze.
Roasts sliced and frozen with or with out gravy or sauce. Corned beef cooked sliced frozen.
Casseroles a variety,
sausages cooked ready to reheat or pour over a gravy or sauce and heat.
soups always handy and these can be substantial
Have steaks and those things available and even ham steaks
Have on hand some of the things like chicken tonight, devilled sausage mix pasta. that is the extent of my knowledge as I don't use them or even look at them
Freeze in icecream containers or in the dish you will reheat in then unmould when frozen and put in resealable bags, they can then be removed from freezer and put back in the dish ready to reaheat or cook Foil is ok. It depends on what it is
But don't overdo it they will suprise you as to what they can manage with instruction from the "sick bed".
Here are some previous threads that might be helpful.

Re: Freezer Meals
June 16, 2007 06:28PM

I'll work through all those ideas

Re: Freezer Meals
June 19, 2007 09:43PM
Hi Emily,
Don't forget a nice shepards pie is a good one. Even a hearty soup that they can have with thick toast or buns.
Also we have an elderly friend who is often on his own. We go up to his place every saturday night and i cook a three course meal and help do some general housework. I always cook too much and then after the meal I put some onto at least two plates. That way I know that even though he buys ready made meals he also has some home cooked ones to heat up during the week.
Kind Regards
Re: Freezer Meals
June 20, 2007 01:29AM
Thanks Lisa
Re: Freezer Meals
June 20, 2007 07:14AM
Well done for being organised. I hope all goes well for you.

I am having great success with storing soups & casseroles in the GLAD containers. Freeze well and are easy to see whats in them. Can use over & over. The foil dishes for the lasange, fish pies and shepherds pies are also fab. No waste of storage space in your freezer and they stack well, just make sure you cover them well to avoid freezer burn (I like those GLAD palstic covers with the elastic on them)
I don't work for glad, but just find their latest products really handy, especially as you can reuse them over & over!

Meat loaf is really handy too. Make a couple of larger ones (loved the apricot & walnut one in latest Next mag) cut into thirds and freeze in pieces. You just take out a piece as required, especially for a quick tea or slice for sandwiches in lunches.
Make a heap of meatballs and free flow freeze them in a freezer bag, then take out enough for a meal , but serve as the mood takes the cook on the night. Pasta sauce from a jar, with spagetti pasta or sweet & sour sauce with rice & vege. Make bigger ones complete with grated vege mixed in (courgette, carrot, onion etc..)

Use a crockpot too, means that those cooking can have it all cooked if coming home late without having to worry, especially in winter. And you can't over cook a piece of corned beef or a chicken casserole in a crockpot.

Fish cakes can be made ahead and frozen. Again include other vege or make with kumara instead of potato for a change.

Homemade hamburgers are fun easy and manageable by most teenagers too. Sease the opportunity to offer advise but a good chance for other house members to give it a go! (Leave handy the Edmonds cookbook for flatting & you can't go wrong)
They might just surprise themselves and enjoy it! Speedy recovery.
Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 03:21AM
Thanks Sally
I had forgotten all about home made fish cakes I've got a really yummy recipe that hasn't been used for a while.
Are the foil dishes a Glad product also? - we got a lot of the big plastic containers last shop and they are nearly all full.
Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 03:31AM
Phew, I think you are going to need more than a few weeks off your feet by the time you prepare all this for the freezer. You'll be so b##$#$erd that you might require the rest of the year off. I thought most men could cook now. My husband would be over the moon if he could get into the kitchen. What about the cleaning? Hope he can work a washing machine...I hope he isn't expecting you to get down on yer benders and clean up everything once you are well again.
Most men think both sides of the bread are miraculously buttered by magic. Good ole Mum!! Let him see the truth about those marvellous meals that appear out of nowhere why don't you? Those meals he probably takes for granted!
Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 03:46AM
Kerry maybe Emma`s hubby works long hours and she is trying to make his life a wee bit easier and I would be doing the same as she is, being organised is a art and something that not many people in todays society are able to do it.
You have ome great ideas there Emma and I hope ll goes well.
Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 04:46AM
I hope you get well soon Emma and its very thoughtdful of you to do this for your family.

How about spaghetti bolonaise, hubby can make it when he gets home or maybe your daughter?

brown the mince, throw in a can of the pasta sauce, simmer while the spaghetti cooks, easy...Nacho are the same thing except use corn chips instead of spaghetti.

Im not backign up everything Kerry has said but a mate of mine went away and her hubby had no idea how to use eftpos, use the washing machine, dishwasher etc.. Not saying your husband is stupid or lazy but you may just have to check up on these husband has NO idea how to seperate.. I tell ya my washing will never be the same...

good Luck with everything


Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 04:59AM
Why is it just the prerogitive of women to be organised Sharon?
Why do some men require ultimate pampering? They've got blog brains and no idea about anything other than their WORK and no idea at all about what their wives do..but they expect the little woman to be sympathetic with all their little problems.
My husband used to work vvvvv long hours but he was always able to step in and run the house when necessary without me and I can do his jobs when he is not around. My two stepsons can also do everything necessary to run a house and will never 'require' a nursemaid, wife or mother to exist for the sake of a home cooked meal or an ironed shirt. They are complete human beings able to survive happily and healthily on all levels.

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Re: Freezer Meals
June 22, 2007 03:27PM
Kerry I totally agree but I think that women should know how to change a lightbulb, fix a leaking tap, jump start the car etc. To me it is a survival thing, no one knows when they are going to have to live on their own and we all need these skills.
Re: Freezer Meals
June 23, 2007 08:10AM
Dear Emily

Not sure what brand the foil dishes are, just located on the shelf below the plastic ones at my local Sprmkt! You can get all sorts of sizes. I have used a few of the loaf size as fits ample for 2 or 3, especially if making lasange. One recipe roughly fills 2 loaf tins.

You'll have to talk no1 teen into helping with a cooking spree for a day or so, especially with this winter weather. The beauty of filling the freezer now is even it you don't use it all whilst you are laid up, it won't go astray for later!

If you live in Marlborough let me know and I'd happily drop off a casserole one night as thats what cooking for friends is all about!

Re: Freezer Meals
June 24, 2007 06:29AM
Thanks for all the help and surgestions.

Didn't want to start a debate about others not being capable of helping thenselves as they are. All I was hoping to do was make it a bit easier at the end of a long day - our daughter catches the bus at 7 and gets back just before 5 and hubby can often work 10 hour days even when I'm working with him.


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