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feeding chemotherapy patients

Posted by Gillian 
feeding chemotherapy patients
October 28, 2002 04:27AM
HELP! My husband is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at present and I need some really nourishing recipes for him. The staple diet at present is some form of eggs or soups. I think the simpler foods would be more appropriate He has gone off so many foods that it now isn't funny so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

If you have been down this track you will know what I mean.

PS I need something too. I've lost a stone in weight since this started and I can't afford to lose much more
Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
October 28, 2002 06:06AM

Milk based puddings, e.g. creamed rice, bread and butter pudding are always nourishing and tasty. Complan in it's various flavours made into a shake, with a scoop of icecream, is yummy.
Chowders are tasty, nourishing, easily digested.
Best wishes for a successful result.
Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
October 28, 2002 06:39AM
Salmon Mornay slides down very easily - just 2 T.Butter melted, 2 T plain flour 1 cup of milk and a small can of red salmon, squeeze of lemon juice,Pepper and some finely chopped parsley. Lorraine
Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
October 28, 2002 06:56AM
Hello Gillian - I hope these suggestions are of help to you. Our son ate snacks frequently rather than 'meals'. I froze fresh chopped up fruit, especially grapes -take pips out first, they were his favourite along with oranges, apples, kiwi fruit, strawberries, blackberries, cherries etc. He wouldn't eat fruit any other way. Helps to refresh the mouth as well as staving off the nausea.

Frozen yoghurt. I bought the 6-pack froze them, then when he wanted one I would zap it in the microwave for a minute just until the sides were soft.

Smoked fish in white sauce - same recipe in filo pastry tarts.

Chicken Chowder - Boil a chicken with one onion until the chicken falls of the bone. When cold, remove fat and skin chop meat into small pieces return to pot then add 1 tin of carnation creamy evaporated milk to the chicken and stock. Simmer gently then thicken with flour and milk. Freeze in meal portions.

Mashed potatoes mixed with crisp chopped bacon. If he sees you eating he may be tempted to try whatever you are having.

Alll the best to both of you.
Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
October 29, 2002 09:43PM
hi Gillian,
a friend of mine used to chill oranges, peel them so all pith is removed and then slice into very thin segments. Her mother in law found them wonderful while she was going through treatment. The NZ navel oranges are so sweet and juicy at present.

Smoothies could be good for both of you if cooking and chewing gets too much. Strawberries, banana, milk and a good spoonful of malt extract is very delicious and easy to drink.

Kind thoughts to you both

Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
November 04, 2002 11:47PM
Hi Gillian
I spoke to a friend who has cooked for several people who have been have chemo.
Her advice was little but regular and also once again plenty of chilled food.
She found that stewed apples or pears with honey added and then raisins left to soak in them and topped with some chilled custard or yoghurt was great. Also as mentioned above lots of chilled fruit either fresh or stewed.
Also lots of little sandwiches cut into fingers with crusts removed, things like club with egg, lettuce and tomato sliced thinly worked well and other mild flavoured fillings.
Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
November 05, 2002 04:22AM
To Lyn, Lorraine, Win and Helen

Thank you so very much for your suggestions on what I should feed my husband while he is having chemo. He has his last course over this week and next and I have a magical piece of news. The primary site and the secondary in his lung has GONE. The oncologist was just about yelling with glee. He tells us that it will come back again but it depends on whether old age or cancer wins. Mike is 65 , which I think is young ( OK- middle aged!) and about to retire, so as you can imagine, we hope we will have many more happy years together.

Thank you all

Re: feeding chemotherapy patients
November 05, 2002 07:25PM

Hi Gillian, Wonderful news!. All the best for the future.
fantastic news
November 05, 2002 10:03PM
Gillian that is so wonderful - you have given me goosebumps:-D
Best wishes to both you and Mike!
Re: fantastic news
November 06, 2002 12:55AM
Hi Gillian

Best news I have heard for some time. You will have many many many happy years together. Receiving postitive results gives you a chance to look at life differently.

All the very best to you both.

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