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Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue

Posted by Chris 
Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 19, 2017 02:48AM
I jotted down a recipe from the March issue of the Cuisine Magazine while in a waiting room. It was in the segment that took over from Ray McVinnie and I think it was called a zucchini gratin although it didn't have a bread crumb topping. The recipe had sliced zucchini in it, garlic, olive oil, marjoram, ricotta and gruyere. I couldn't finish writing down the instructions and was wondering if anyone on the foodlovers site is a subscriber and has already received the March issue and could let me know the instructions please. It sounded such an easy and tasty recipe and I have plenty of courgettes in my garden at the moment. I thought of cooking this tomorrow night for dinner to go with baked chicken breasts.
Re: Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 19, 2017 04:14AM
Chris, if you wish I can pm the whole recipe, but this may be enough for you.....carrying on from marjoram........
Toss well and put into a flan or pie dish, sprinkling 250g crumbled ricotta and 50g grated emmental or gruyere throughout. Scatter another 50g of emmental or gruyere on top and cook on fanbake at 220C for 25=30 minutes.

It does sound quite delicious.
Re: Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 19, 2017 05:58PM
Thank you so much Marnie. That's exactly what was missing from my notes. I'll make it tonight as a good way to use up the surplus of courgettes; can't even give them away right now.
Re: Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 19, 2017 06:38PM
I had a great success last night with courgettes, using a Japanese glaze that is more usually applied to eggplants or salmon.

Mix equal quantities of miso (I used Korean miso), mirin and soy sauce, halve medium sized courgettes lengthwise and spread glaze on the cut side. Bake in a covered barbecue or an oven at high temperature for about 20 minutes. Serve hot or warm.

I used 2 tab of each component for three medium-large courgettes. We ate the leftovers for breakfast with fried eggs and kimchi.
Re: Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 19, 2017 09:05PM
A good tip for next time Chris is to take a photo on your phone. This has saved me quite a few times when I have seen a recipe I like. You can then download the photo as a file for your recipes or print it off.
Re: Zucchini Gratin, Cuisine Magazine March Issue
February 21, 2017 04:22PM
I made the gratin and it turned out to be a tasty and easy dish. I feared it might be rather watery because of the high water content of the courgettes but I was wrong. I mixed the courgettes with the 1 T of oil and the fresh marjoram and then layered them with the cheese and ricotta. The recipe calls for crumbling the ricotta but that can't be done because it is moist and sticky (the Perfect Italiano brand which is the only one available at my supermarket), so I dotted teaspoons full over the courgettes. It will definitely stay on my menu.
TPANDAV, I have made note of your suggestion and will try your recipe.
Clare, what a good suggestion, but don't laugh; I still have a 'dumb' phone which I am really attached to because apart from a possible emergency it lives in the bottom of my bag and gets rarely used. So, I can't take photos but should I upgrade at some stage that is what I would do.
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