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Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits

Posted by J1 
Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits
February 25, 2017 02:58AM
We got given a packet of these today - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits from Seville, Spain. Lightly flavoured biscuit with delicious flavours of sesame and anise. 100% natural. made using extra virgin olive oil. Handmade in Seville, Spain since 1910. Ingredients unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (24%), sugar, anise seeds, sesame seeds (0.6%), yeast, salt, natural anise flavour. Made in Spain.

I hesitate to eat packaged products. But their ingredient list was pretty fine. I opened the packet. Each biscuit was big, like those cookie company ones but thin, and wrapped beautifully and individually! And they were surprisingly delicious and just right. A joyous unexpected pleasure. Exact same as these []

Anyone else come across them and enjoyed?
Re: Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits
February 25, 2017 04:15PM
I agree J1 they are delicious. I hesitate to open a packet as before I know it I have found and excuse to nibble my way through them.
Lovely with a good strong cup of coffee.
Re: Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits
February 25, 2017 06:50PM
Yes! There were six in the packet. Three each. All gone smiling smiley
Re: Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits
February 25, 2017 09:47PM
The restaurant we dined at on our last night in Taiwan was in old town, and there were various shops ranging from traditional to modern. I found a cookie shop and tasted the most divine Scallion Cookies. They weren't overpowering and had such a lovely delicate savoury taste. I actually bought a whole tin of them - and the staff were disappointed I wasn't interested in their sweet cookies. But unfortunately I can't tell you the ingredients - as it is all in Mandarin smiling smiley
Re: Tortas de Aceite - Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits
September 09, 2018 04:20AM
I made my own Tortas de Aceite!!!! And they were good!

Actually I made two lots. The first lot with this recipe [] . From that I learnt the key is to roll them out super, super thin - about 1mm thick or about the thickness of a standard sheet of photocopy paper. I made the second lot with this recipe []

I don't know which recipe is best because I didn't roll my first lot out thin enough. The second lot were very successful but probably mostly because I rolled them out soooooooo thin. But I'll keep using the second recipe because I think the ingredients are pretty spot on. However, the method isn't to my liking much and you also get waaaaay more than 8 tortas. If you roll them out as thin as you should, you'll get 17! That is, you'll have a dough weight of about 520g. Divide that into 17 balls of 30g each. Then the method I'd do is combine the flour, water, oil, yeast, salt in large bowl, knead until smooth. Leave in warm place for an hour. Heat oven to fanbake 200°C. Roll out your 17 balls of dough to approximately 15cm (6 inches) diameter or until they're really, really thin - as thin as you can get them - as per the Duchess of Windsor's famous quote "They can never be too thin". Brush the tops with egg white and sprinkle over a mixture of granulated white sugar, fennel seeds and a few sesame seeds too*. Bake for 4-6 minutes, keeping a beady eye on them after 4 minutes because they will start browning too swiftly at any moment. I can only say that the spruce's recipe suggesting 230°C for 10-12 minutes is scandalously horrifying to ponder.

*I added sesame seeds because the packet of purchased Tortas de Aceite says: Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil 24%, sugar, anise seeds, sesame seeds 0.6%, yeast, sea salt, natural anise flavour

DO try making them. They're so easy and a delight to eat. Toppings can be altered to savoury, sweet, spicy......

Photos! Not artful ones.. Just a pile of them on the cooling rack (they cool very fast...and bake very lot coming! make way! make way!...). Seventeen!!!! Note to self - halve the recipe next time......

open | download - Tortas de aceite (1) - Copy.JPG (717.5 KB)
open | download - Tortas de aceite (2) - Copy.JPG (789 KB)
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