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Posted by Vanessa45 
April 30, 2017 03:19AM
I love capers, their tart lemony taste.
I use them in tomato based sauces, add them to the pan when frying fish and eat them with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

What other ideas and meals have you got for me to use them in?

Re: Capers
April 30, 2017 04:03AM
Hi Vanessa45, I also add them to 'spag bol', and sometimes put them in homemade mayo.
Re: Capers
April 30, 2017 05:39AM
I add a handful to a coleslaw salad and fry them with lemon zest and garlic, in butter then tip over chicken.
Re: Capers
April 30, 2017 06:27PM
Tapenade, Salsa Verde, Caponata.

I make a lovely cauli, tomato and capers salad based on a recipe from Hugh Fearneley-Whittingstall:

1 small cauli
300g ripe tomatoes
2 tab capers, rinsed
3 tab ev olive oil
juice of ½ lemon
salt & pepper
parsley to garnish

Cut cauli into small florets, boil 2 min until just tender. Drain well.

Remove seeds from tomatoes, chop roughly, add to cauli. Add rest of ingredients, leave at room temp at least 1 hour to develop.
Re: Capers
May 04, 2017 05:43AM
Ohh thanks guys - keen to try all these wonderful suggestions.
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