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Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata

Posted by helen 
Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 16, 2017 05:33PM
Do you worry about the BPA (bisphenol-a) leaching from the metal into canned tomatoes or do you think it is just scare mongering?
We use canned tomatoes regularly in winter but I am wondering if it is better to use tomato passata in glass bottles.
Passata is often well priced in our supermarket and yes the tomatoes are pureed but for many recipes that is OK as the canned tomatoes reduce to almost nothing anyway.
Your thoughts?
Re: Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 16, 2017 06:05PM
I personally look upon it as scare mongering.. I use both depending upon the recipe. For crockpot cooking, I use canned in a thick juice. However for oven baked meatballs, pork belly and other recipes that require lots of liquid, I then use Passata.
Re: Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 16, 2017 10:47PM
I don't think its scare mongering. There are not many people that debate this issue but I do think you need to put the degree of things into your own context. Rather than look at the canned tomatoes, how much do you eat canned food, use plastics etc. I store as much as possible in stainless steel and glass and have ditched all teflon and plastic untensils, and then I don't worry so much about canned foods.
Re: Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 17, 2017 01:10AM
I often use canned tomatoes when I have used up my own fresh and frozen ones.
I also read an article about the leaching, along with several other food categories that the writer declared they would never eat. I could be so very wrong but unless I hear of many others with similar worries that have been proven then I also tend to think along the scare mongering line.
Certainly if I ever notice a dent, a slight hint of rust on the can or I have reason to suspect the quality of the can is poor then I wouldn't use it. I don't doubt most people would feel the same.
Re: Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 17, 2017 08:23AM
I get through a lot of caned tomatoes and though we eat very healthily I do draw the line at worrying about the BPA just for my own sanity. Having said that, if the passata's competitively priced, why not, although of course a smooth puree won't be suitable for everything.
Re: Canned tomatoes vs Glass bottle Passsata
May 17, 2017 04:16PM
I accept that there is a certain amount of BPA leaching but from what I read on the Au & NZ Food Standards web site:

"Is there a Tolerable Daily Intake for BPA?

The tolerable daily intake (or TDI) is an internationally established safe level for chemicals like BPA. It’s a conservative estimate of a safe level of BPA which applies to the whole population and estimates the amount of BPA in food that can be ingested daily over a lifetime without appreciable health risk.

In other words it’s the amount that can be safely consumed per day, every day.

Extremely large amounts of foods and beverages would need to be consumed to reach the TDI for BPA. For example, a nine month old baby weighing 9 kg would have to eat more than 1 kg of canned baby custard containing BPA every day to reach the TDI, assuming that the custard contained the highest level of BPA found (420 parts per billion) in a survey by CHOICE."

I would only open a couple of cans a week if that so am not worried at all in regards to glass vs canned.
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