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Vacuum Packing

Posted by Janet or Emma 
Vacuum Packing
May 19, 2017 04:07AM
I think I have just killed my Unika vacuum packer, and am not prepared to live without one. I notice Briscoes have a Russell Hobbs model on special. Has anyone used one of these, and can you recommend it. The special price is substantially less than a new Unika, which I would have to buy online.

Thanks, Janet
Re: Vacuum Packing
May 20, 2017 12:12AM
The best vacuum pack machine I ever had was years ago I had one I bought through LV Martin who were one of the first catalogue distributors. The thing that was great about it was that it was designed to use with any type of bag so you could reseal and vacuum existing bags and even the cheap plastic bags you buy in a roll at the supermarket. It worked really well too. Sadly it eventually wore out. I have since had two Sunbeam ones which I've never found as good but I think partly because of the bag thingsmiling smiley
Re: Vacuum Packing
May 21, 2017 07:12PM
Thanks Danube. When I was panicking and researching alternatives, I read that the sunbeam was quite noisy too, but mine isn't quiet!

I'm interested that there haven't been more replies, and presume that suggests that not so many people have these wonderful devices. I'm happy to say I didn't kill my Unika. It had obviously just had enough for that day - I was trying to pack half a cattlebeast! I had annoyingly run out of bags, and was having to "make" them, so guess that didn't help either. Next morning we were back in action.

I can't recommend these devices enough. The Unika does other bags too - not sure that they promote that, but I've resealed chip bags and all sorts. I also seal and cut open carefully, then wash (sometimes in the dishwasher) and reuse until the bags are too small. The beef I've been doing has already been wrapped and labeled in plastic wrap by the butcher, but I'm popping the whole lot into the vacuum bags. I've found that the meat lasts perfectly that way, although it is a bit tedious to do it.

I really love that I can toss a packed parcel in a sink of cold water and it's defrosted in no time. I couldn't live without one!
Re: Vacuum Packing
May 21, 2017 07:53PM
I have one, about 15yo, and I didn't comment originally as it is a FoodSaver brand which I bought in the US when I was living there. I've used the Sunbeam bag rolls since we moved back here as they were just the same. I just looked to see if Sunbeam bought FoodSaver, as Sunbeam has a (R) next to the FoodSaver logo, but I see that a completely different FoodSaver brand is still available in the US. Perhaps Sunbeam have registered the TM for Aus/NZ, as I don't think they are in the US market.

I'm very happy with my FoodSaver, It is noisy, but its not like I'm running it constantly for an hour, so that makes no difference to me. It may you, though, since vacc'ing half a beast would take some time, lol. I've never had a problem with the bags or seals on the bags failing.

The defrosting in a sink of water thing is what I love most about it too. I don't use it as much now as I used to, and you reminding me of that feature may well spur me back into the habit of using it. No freezer burn either, just fantastic.

So - my vote would be for a Sunbeam, especially if you can find it on sale from somewhere like Briscoes or Noel Leeming, where you can return it easily if it doesn't suit your needs.
Re: Vacuum Packing
May 21, 2017 08:50PM
I have a JML vacuum packer which may possibly be in the lower price range of these type of appliances. It was gifted to me and I love it! I use it for packaging my macadamia nut harvest, passionfruit pulp, vegetables, fish, etc. It hasn't packaged a whole beast for the freezer though, and I'm not sure whether it is designed for such a heavy work load, although I don't see why not come to that. I too sometimes cut open the used bags carefully, wash and re-use them.
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