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Black Forest Slice

Posted by helen 
Black Forest Slice
August 12, 2017 04:53PM
I make no apologies for the cost and decadence of this slice but it is such an easy and delicious treat.
It is made by my friend Vic, she delivers this to everyone who needs some TLC be it for sickness, achievements or anything else in between.

Vickies Slice

1 1/2 packets wine biscuits, crushed to small pieces
King size block black forest chocolate, melted
100g butter, melted
2 tablespoons cocoa
2 eggs, lightly whisked

Mix the above and press into a lined slice tin. Refrigerate.

1 King size block of milk chocolate

Melt the chocolate and spread over the slice. Chill until set and then cut into small pieces.

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Re: Black Forest Slice
August 13, 2017 04:03PM
So that's 2 king size blocks of chocolate? The list of ingredients shows only 1.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 13, 2017 05:27PM
Sorry Lorna for confusion, I was quickly adding it in as knew I would have radio listeners searching for it.
Yes 2 king size blocks. I have re written the above to hopefully make more sense.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 13, 2017 06:39PM
Sounds so decadent. Would it work without the raw egg since the chocolate would set firm anyway? Perhaps a little cream could be substituted? I have a thing about eating raw egg. It's not for health reasons. I just don't like the thought of it.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 13, 2017 11:38PM
Ha ha, I would make no apologies either Helen, sounds wonderful but eaten in moderation. I wonder how long it would keep in a fridge? Would also be great for Christmas to take as a plate. The way Cadbury 's are going I would opt for Whittakers as a NZ thing.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 01:54AM
A friend of mine took it to a lunch today and got rave reviews. It is simple but very delicious.
I am not sure on the taking out the eggs, I don't like he taste of raw egg but can't detect it in this. I also mix it into the warm chocolate and butter mixture before adding to the biscuits which may help...
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 02:07AM
I would also choose a different brand of chocolate, although it does sound deliciously decadent.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 04:36AM
I have made it using Whittakers berry and biscuit chocolate but must say that the Cadbury black forest does work better.
I use Whittaker creamy milk as the topping.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 05:05AM
Hi Helen - what's the weight of a king size block pls - haven't seen them here in Adelaide. Thanks.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 04:08PM
I read in the paper this morning that Cadbury are ditching the Fair Trade scheme and are running with their own parent company's independent scheme called Cocoa Life. Makes one wonder................... Where's the value or integrity in a watchdog that watches itself??

Heather, a king size block is 200g. I think in Oz they call them family blocks.

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Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 07:15PM
Arghhhh the morning I commit myself to 2 weeks of healthy eating and exercise, I see this. confused smiley

What a fab recipe though, I think it would be a winner for work morning teas. People always prefer homemade but over the years people are resorting to buying substandard things as they dont seem to have time.

This would give me the brownie points of homemade and chocolate but easy to prepare.

Thanks for the share
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 14, 2017 08:34PM
I am going to make it sometime soon but I will be using Whittakers chocolate and adding some of those lovely cherries that are sold in jars in supermarkets, or maybe even a cherry conserve. The uncooked eggs part wouldn't worry me.
Re: Black Forest Slice
August 20, 2017 03:12PM
I have made this all with Cadbury's they were on special. It really is very delicious I can see why it is loved. My family & extended family are all off sweet foods so I shall have to share it further afield. I wonder how it would be with other flavoured chocolate? Worth making for that special occasion.
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