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Cadbury Chocolate

Posted by Lyn V 
Cadbury Chocolate
August 15, 2017 09:40PM
I am going down memory lane here. I grew up in Dunedin known for Cadbury's chocolates it was a wonderful treat for us. My Mum worked there before she was married, we had school trips there & were able to walk safely all around the equipment watching how it all came about we were given packs of information & Chocolate treats on leaving we were so happy. Often we bought a paper bag of broken biscuits for a shilling my Mum would make chocolate fudge biscuits with some & the rest we were allowed to eat. You could also get bags with off cuts of various flavoured chocolates. In those days it was Really a special treat. We moved to Auckland in 1964 but family still lived there & we often took grand children down & go through the factory which had moved at this time to another area of the city.
They had a wonderful waterfall of chocolate the machinery by this time was behind caged barricades for safety so you didn't get to see it all the same but the children could fill their pockets with lots of giveaways & fill them they did. Cargo pants were in & so lots of extra pockets.
Then of course the Jaffa rolling down Baldwin Street oh those were the days. Sad to see it take the turn it has, not the same & now the fare trading act has gone as well.
If you google Cadbury's chocolate's history it is a wonderful story.
Hope you enjoyed this, does anyone else have a story about Cadbury's?
Re: Cadbury Chocolate
August 16, 2017 09:47PM
Lyn I went to Otago Uni and loved the aroma from the chocolate factory (not so much the Greggs coffee one).

We had a few visits to the chocolate factory which were magical - it was one of those things that was so special and different to normal.
These are the days before OSH regulations and I can remember being able to try offcuts of freshly made warm chocolate bars and walk through the factory amongst the workers.
I am not completely sure that Cadburys completely deserves all of the negative PR but the fact is that these days I like the flavour of Whittaker's chocolate more.
The fair trade issue is global and one that concerns me of course but if we were to take it seriously we would be very careful of coffee, tea, bananas, pineapples etc... pretty much all imported produce.
It is just that Whittakers exposed Cadburys, singled them out and Whittakers appear to have won.
I like that Whittakers are a NZ company and I like their product but I didn't completely agree with the mud slinging.
Re: Cadbury Chocolate
August 18, 2017 12:14AM
Very true Helen, we do tend to read too much into things, we don't eat a lot of chocolate but always enjoyed Cadbury's flavour. Have bought the ingredients to Make your delicious slice over the weekend.
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