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Steamed/boiled meat loaf

Posted by Heather F 
Steamed/boiled meat loaf
September 24, 2017 09:26PM
Hi FL,
Mum sometimes used to make a steamed or boiled meat loaf, in the bowl used for making usual steamed puddings. I'd love to have a go but don't have her recipe.
I remember it had rice in it, held together very well and was moist but that's about it. I've Googled recipes but can't really find much, except some As*an ones, and a couple of others where the meatloaf goes straight into the pan of boiling water on a scrunched up foil trivet, which seems a bit risky. Does anyone have a recipe please? Or could I just make my usual baked one and steam it, and for how long?
We've finally had a few warm days so I'm thinking about salads etc. Many thanks smiling smiley
Re: Steamed/boiled meat loaf
October 02, 2017 10:57PM
Heather, I tend to feel that in the dim past I've eaten boiled-in-a-cloth meat loaf made by either my Grandmother or Mother, but I don't have a clear recollection. I wonder if the following recipe taken from this English blog
[] is any help to you? It obviously doesn't have rice in it, but don't see why you couldn't add rice to the mixture. It should also be OK cooked in a bowl as you've mentioned. I'd probably add some soy sauce, or fish sauce, or crumble a stock cube into the mixture to ramp up the flavour a bit. Think I'd also double the recipe?
Dawn. (P.S. You may have already come across this recipe when you did a search)

1/2 cup ground raw meat ( beef, pork, chicken, lamb)
1 cup red lentils cooked
1/2 cup raw sausage meat
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
2 tbsp chopped parsley
2tbsp minced onion/leeks
1 tsp dried marjoram or thyme
1 tsp dried sage
salt & pepper
1 large egg beaten

milk to bind

Mix everything together, adding just enough milk to form a wet dough.
Form into a roll and place in a floured cotton kitchen cloth.
Wrap loosely and secure ends with string.
Boil for 2 hours.
Remove from water and drain, then unwrap, and re- wrap more tightly and allow to cool completely and serve cold for sandwiches and salad plates.

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Re: Steamed/boiled meat loaf
October 04, 2017 11:19PM
Hi Dawn - thanks for posting. it looks interesting and I'd definitely double the qtys so there'd be enough for a couple of meals. 2 hours seems a long time to cook based on those amounts.
In my searches I found a number of recipes for Aberdeen Sausage which all pretty much said to roll the cooked loaf in toasted breadcrumbs and I don't think Mum did that. I think I'll have a play around with your recipe and the Aberdeen Sausage ones and see how it turns out. Thanks again :-)
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