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Powdered garlic, onion flakes, veg seasoning ect

Posted by Vanessa45 
Powdered garlic, onion flakes, veg seasoning ect
September 27, 2017 02:59AM
Ive recently just discovered these things.

In the past Ive ALWAYS used fresh but on a whim bought powdered garlic, onion flakes lemon pepper and vegetable seasoning.
No hate posts please BUT these things are a total time saver and make great meat balls, burger patties and stir fried vegetables.

Lemon pepper is delicious on fish and chips and chicken.

Are there any other uses Im missing???

Are there any other powdered things I need to get my hands on?

I know there is a Maggie add that talks about their powdered products being things we all keep in our pantry and they mention tomato powder - Ive NEVER heard or seen that. What is it?

I looked at the "FRESH AS" range, all their herbs are powders - $8.00 powders so I guess use sparingly


Addition - does anyone know a lemon pepper that doesnt have DEXTROSE in it? The one I recently purchased has this as the second ingredient.

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Re: Powdered garlic, onion flakes, veg seasoning ect
October 03, 2017 04:44AM
Ive just added powdered garlic to my mashed potatoes - I wonder if the kids will notice and love it or hate it?
They are pretty good at mentioning if Ive done something different and it blows me away that as young as 5 and 9 they have quite a refined palate for a subtle change in taste and texture.

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