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Fussy Kids

Posted by helen 
Fussy Kids
February 02, 2018 06:24PM
I have one daughter who will eat absolutely anything and two who are so fussy.
The fussy ones are also more sensitive and responsive to smells.
Last night I pan fried the snapper in a mixture of butter and olive oil - as opposed to using straight olive oil which I probably usually do.
Freddie (13) had no idea that I had used butter in the cooking but he knew it tasted different (wrong) and rebelled against eating it. Daisy (16) and Ed wouldn't have even tasted the difference.
I do think that fussy kids have a much more aware taste bud system than others.
It is tiresome but as I was one of those fussy kids I guess I can't rant too much.
Re: Fussy Kids
February 03, 2018 02:25AM
I remember as a child when my mother changed from using her own bottled tomato puree to a tinned variety, the spag bol tasted completely wrong and I refused to eat it.

My son had the market cornered on being fussy though. When he was very young (4-5) he would eat only one type of cheese slice, even if I took it out of the fridge without him seeing the wrap, unwrapped the plastic stuff from around it, and gave it to him, the wrong slice would be rejected every time. Thankfully these days he doesn't eat plastic cheese at all, much preferring camembert, brie or blue!
Re: Fussy Kids
February 04, 2018 11:29PM
They are getting to the age when they can start making some dishes themselves and then they can use their superior tastebuds for good rather than evilsmiling smiley
Re: Fussy Kids
February 05, 2018 06:34PM
Helen, I know I shouldn't smile but I did, I was once one of those fussy kids. I think I sometimes drove my very busy mother to distraction. It was only as I got older that I realised I did actually come to like the things that I once grizzled about.
Having an awareness of taste buds isn't such a bad thing, they are the ones who become very good cooks/chefs but hopefully they won't become too sensitive if someone doesn't like something they have prepared. I think it is often just part of growing up and even being in a position to express their dislike.
p.s. He'd really hate to eat my snapper (a rare treat in most households) that has been pan fried in butter.
Re: Fussy Kids
February 05, 2018 11:03PM
They may be "supertasters", which isn't really beng fussy or picky at all.. but like you said, their tastebuds have got more going on.

I found out I was one after having to take anti-thyroid medication (propylthiouracil) during my second pregnancy. It gave me an almost intolerable bitter taste in my mouth for the whole 4 months I had to take it - all the time, not just the taste of the tablet itself. When I asked the endocrinologist if this was a normal side effect, he said for about 25% of people it is. It is a genetic thing to do with bitter taste receptors. Along with that comes a higher than normal number of tastebuds, which in turn increases the sensitivity to small differences in flavour and undertones that others might not taste.
Re: Fussy Kids
February 15, 2018 06:45AM
My two kids seem to have the complete opposite tastebuds to each other. One devours meat and spicy food and loves pepper. The other can't stomach meat or any flavours or spice. Just wants the plainest of food. She can always taste or smell the hint of anything I've tried to hide to give a dish some flavour.
Re: Fussy Kids
February 16, 2018 08:02PM
I love that our kids are so discerning with their tastes. My kids know for sure when things are made differently and LOL Ive cut corners or missed something out.
What bugs me is when they say they dont like onion or garlic BUT LOVE curry!!!!
If they see it, they say they dont like it but if they dont, they chow down.

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