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Purple Kumara

Posted by travellover 
Purple Kumara
February 17, 2018 06:37AM
Hi: Has anyone tried cooking with the new purple kumara? It is not the dark red/cream flesh one, but is a dark purple with dark purple flesh. I saw some photos today on Instagram #purplekumara and it looks amazing. Wondering how it performs vs normal kumara for roasting, baking, soups, etc? Anyone had any experience with it? Thanks.
Re: Purple Kumara
February 17, 2018 07:00AM
I didn’t like it much, the texture was coarse and the flavour indistinct.
Re: Purple Kumara
February 17, 2018 11:29AM
I never tried yet to cook purple carma
Re: Purple Kumara
February 17, 2018 05:27PM
My local fruit and vege shop has stocked it for quite a while. I have used it over the winter in mixed roast vegetables and I'd say the main difference I notice is that is much softer and wetter when roasted than any of the other types of Kumara. I quite often do a mixture of kumara colours, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, onion, capsicum and throw some mushrooms in towards the end. All tossed with olive oil and garlic and herb salt. I sometimes add some potatoes in as well for my son who used to say he didn't like the other vegetables (I notice now though that he takes a mixture like everyone elsesmiling smiley)
Overall I like the purple ones but I don't know if I would use them on their own.
Re: Purple Kumara
February 17, 2018 06:12PM
My daughter loves it and has twice brought me some from Auckland. Great colour but like TPANDAV I have not been impressed with taste or texture. I am a devotee of the classic red kumera, parboiled and then roasted to caramelise the edges.
Re: Purple Kumara
February 20, 2018 04:28PM
I saw a recipe where you got all the colours & sliced them thinly put into a circle meeting at both ends until dish filled, drizzle with oil & cook until tender then grated cheese on top & melt in. Looked pretty I might have added some cream cheese or similar to serve as a dip or as a meal add some home made tomato sauce. I haven’t tried it
Re: Purple Kumara
February 21, 2018 05:26AM
We've had them locally for quite a few years, along with the golden ones. I was surprised you find them too wet, Danube, as I find them too dry, and that they are best mashed with lots of butter and milk/cream. The golden ones I find too wet. Long live the "normal" red/cream one. The other colours do look good, but the textural differences stop me buying them. Janet
Re: Purple Kumara
February 22, 2018 08:17PM
I bought some by mistake. Not that impressed. Prefer the standard red.
Re: Purple Kumara
March 01, 2018 04:42AM
I've got a nice soup recipe that used purple kumara. One of the kids now keeps asking for "purple soup"!
Re: Purple Kumara
March 04, 2018 11:06PM
I also hate the newer purple kumara and bought them at a market not realising they were these awful ones
I have tried to use them up by mashing with some white flesh red ones but I still taste the purple ones too much so is a waste of my lovely red ones,
Yes I agree the new purple ones are wetter, softer,

I also have never liked the orange ones
I use the red ones for roasting or mashing
I never mash the golden ones as they are softer wetter but love roasted
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