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Suitable Baking Tin

Posted by Chris 
Suitable Baking Tin
March 03, 2018 01:55AM
Tomorrow I want to bake Annabel Langbein's "The Ultimate Chocolate Cake" from her book "The Free Range Cook". The recipe says to use a 30 cm round tin or two 20 cm tins. My largest tin measures 26 cm in diameter and is 6 1/2 cm high. I do have two 20 cm tins as well. I've made this cake once before, years ago when the book first came out and I am reasonably confident that I used the 26 cm tin. I would prefer to make just the one large cake instead of two. Would you risk using the 26 cm tin? Also, the recipe says to bake for approximately 1 hour but doesn't give a time for two tins. If I decide to use two tins after all, when should I be testing for doneness? I would love to get your advice. I want to include this cake for a special afternoon tea on Sunday. Many thanks.
Regards Chris.
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 03, 2018 02:04AM
The 26cm tin is approx 75% of the volume of the 30cm tin, so you could always weigh out 75% of the mixture. I'd probably start checking for doneness at about 35/40min for that situation, and about 25 min if using the 20cm tins.

If you decide to throw it all in the 26cm tin, since it'll be a thicker cake, I'd be inclined to reduce the oven temp by 10/15 degrees. This may help prevent overcooked edges, undercooked middle, and a cracked peak.

Good luck - I hope whatever you choose turns out well smiling smiley
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 04, 2018 04:09AM
Thank you so much for your advice, Jenna. I ended up baking the cake in two 20cm tins as per the recipe alternative as I just didn't trust my memory and wanted to avoid faffing about. The cakes turned out very well although I would have preferred one really generous looking one. I will cover one in white chocolate ganache and the other one in dark. I also watched some youtube videos on how to make chocolate curls etc. and will pile chocolate decorations on top. It should be fine. After I had put the tins in the oven it occurred to me to look at Annabel's website. There were lots of comments regarding this cake and it appears that others baked in a 26cm tin, even smaller tins and square ones. I must remember not to be so timid!
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 04, 2018 09:05PM
Chris, I always write notes in the margins of my cookbooks, especially regarding any deviation on the original and how it turned out and what I would do next time. This is great for me now my daughters are adults and sometimes want to make one of our old favorites. I just take a photo of the page and send it to them and it has all my scribbled advice there on the page.winking smiley I always note if I used a different tin or doubled/halved or decided to try it as cupcakes - whatever. You think you will remember and then next time you have only a vague feeling about what you did.
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 04, 2018 11:34PM
I think I have tried Annabelles cake in 26cm - but I actually didn't think the cake recipe was very good
From memory it had 3 cups of flour and that would be OK for 26 tin

I often make a recipe double and put in a larger tin and if I think it will be too much mixture for the tin size I want - then I put rest of mixture in 1 or 2 ramekins and cook them either side of the large tin - at the front of oven where it isn't so hot - give them a turn as close to sides

And if I want a higher cake than the tin height, or want to be sure it won't spill over above tin, I wrap a band of paper around the tin, either tie string or sometimes I bend metal paper clips on to tin
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 07, 2018 05:54AM
Great advice, Danube and Heather. Thank you. Heather, I chose the recipe because all the ingredients go into the cake mixer in one lot. So easy. Do you have a chocolate cake recipe that makes a large cake without too much fussing about and that you would be happy to share?
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 07, 2018 02:40PM
Chris, have you tried Helen's recipe that is here on her website. I haven't made it personally, but am sure in the past there has been great reviews and it is also a larger size and just mix it all together cake
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 07, 2018 09:04PM
Thanks, Irene. Will check it out.
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 07, 2018 11:46PM
I like this one:

Chocolate Cake
Melt together in a pot:
100g butter
1 cup milk
1 cup (200g) sugar
2 tbspns golden syrup

Add to:
2 cups (280g) flour
1 cup (100g) desiccated coconut
2 tbspns cocoa
1 tspn baking powder

Mix well, then add:
1 tspn baking soda dissolved in
1 cup cold strained tea

Mix well again (it's quite a sloppy batter). Bake 45-60 minutes at 180°C.

Also, if a recipe has oil in it, you can swap it for an equal quantity of butter (e.g. 100ml or grams of oil = 100ml or grams of butter). I had to make some cakes and desserts without butter once (for a dairy-free person) and they tasted awful with the oil in them instead of butter. After discovering that, I always make carrot cake with butter now too.
Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 08, 2018 12:33AM
This is a bog standard chocolate cake that I use. Quite light texture, not a mud cake style. It is a dump-in-everything-and-mix style too.

200g flour (or 200g SR flour, omit BP and salt)
2t baking powder
¼ t salt
50g cocoa powder
125g butter, softened
1/2t vanilla
275g caster sugar (I use normal white sugar with no problem)
2 eggs, room temp
160ml (2/3C) water

Preheat oven to 170C. Grease and line 23cm round cake pan. (I use all different shapes and sizes of pan, it really is a very versatile recipe).

Sift flour and cocoa into medium bowl, add remaining ingredients; beat on low speed with electric mixer until ingredients are combined. Increase speed to medium; beat about 3 minutes or until mixture is smooth and changed to a lighter color. Spread into prepared pans. Bake in moderate oven until cake is cooked, 35-40 minutes. Stand cake in pans for 5-10min; turn onto wire rack to cool.

Can be doubled and tripled with no problem.

Ring Pan = 24min
Mini Muffins = 8-9min

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Re: Suitable Baking Tin
March 08, 2018 05:43AM
Thanks, Jenna and J1. I am all for doing it easy if I can.

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