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Waffle shaped fries

Posted by Clare 
Waffle shaped fries
March 07, 2018 01:51AM
Hi does anyone know where I can buy frozen waffle shaped fries? I live in Christchurch and have not seen them at any of my local supermarkets. I'm not even sure who the manufacturer is either.



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Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 08, 2018 08:29PM
Hi Clare, I have never seen waffle fries frozen, have you bought them before anywhere? I have a slicer a bit like a "Vslicer mandolin" which cuts vegetables into a waffle shape. It cuts a crinkle cut first then you do a half turn and slice again to get the holes.
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 08, 2018 09:14PM
McCain does them. I want to say I saw them at Countdown once, but they're not showing up on their website now. You could always contact McCain and ask if there is a stockist local to you.


Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 09, 2018 02:45AM
I registered on this forum to make myself drool

Those look really nice!
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 09, 2018 04:22AM
Danube, I have a slicer the same as yours but I think it's a bit narrow so you need long thinish potatoes to make the waffles. I've only used it once, it's not easy slicing one way then reassembling the potato and slicing the other way.
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 10, 2018 02:21AM
Hi Lorna, I described the use of my one badly, only the very first slice is a plain crinkle then every slice after that you turn the potato a half turn and they come out like the photo. Mine is about 8cm wide. I use it more often for cucumber than anything else. Or you can of course cut plain crinkle slices by not turning the vegetable as you go.
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 10, 2018 06:58PM
Thank you for thaat Danube. I wonder if mine will work the same way. Must give it a try.

Well, wouldn't you know it? I pulled out my waffle slicer after many years reclining in a box in the back of one of my kitchen cupboard; the box with useless stuff in it that should really have been thrown out. Just as well I didn't throw this item out. It works just like you say: make a slice; turn the vegetable half a turn and make a second slice and Voila! A waffle.

My justification for making the mistake is that the instructions are in German first, then in English, then French. The accompanying pictures have become "divorced" from the written instructions and I read the wrong instruction when trying to make waffles. There IS one shape (noodle) which has to be cut one way, re-assembled then cut the other way, and I thought it was for the waffle shape, but is for spiral or noodle-cut strips.

Anyway, today I will have deep-fried waffle-cut courgette with melted cheese for lunch and no doubt, in my enthusiasm, I will have waffle-cut fried potatoes covered with cheese and popped under the grill till melted, later in the week.
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 10, 2018 09:10PM
Yay, you learn something new everyday! The cucumber waffles look very pretty in a salad and everyone wants to try them. I didn't think of courgette, I'll definitely try them although I think some veges may get too soft when cooked to hold the shape well. I did make oven chips in the waffle shape but they didn't like being turned too often and you couldn't overcrowd the tray. Deep frying is probably best for chips.
Re: Waffle shaped fries
March 11, 2018 08:30PM
I got in contact with McCain and they only sell them commercially unfortunately. My Benrinner can't do waffle shapes but may have to do some investigating online though as the instructions are in Japanese!

Thanks again everyone for your input too and glad you some of you are giving it a go on your slicers. Seems like a lot of work compared to if they would just sell them in the supermarket ha ha.
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