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Table etiquette - what do you do?

Posted by DK 
Re: Table etiquette - what do you do?
April 17, 2018 02:21AM
1. Definitely - with the prongs facing up. Facing down means you haven't finished.
2. I guess it's like everything - if the parents don't know, how are they going to teach their children. Maybe grandparents should be stepping in. There could be an occasion where a person embarrasses themselves because they don't know. Our DIL came to a reasonably "posh" restaurant with us, and started eating before everyone was served. My son whispered in her ear and she stopped, but she simply didn't know.
3. Definitely no clearing until all finished. Depending on my mood, I will correct someone who tries to do it - in a restaurant situation. At someone's home, I try to keep the standards without causing anyone embarrassment.

Guess I'm a "hard bitch". My kids know the etiquette, and I will make sure any future grandchildren do too if they don't get it from their parents. I always tried to prepare my kids to be comfortable in any situation. Janet

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