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Posted by Ali W 
April 26, 2018 02:56AM
We were given the opportunity to gather walnuts and enjoyed a pleasant hour or so filling several bags while being carefully watched by the families pet alpacas. It was such a delightful time with the sun on our backs and the fresh breeze clearing our heads.

While researching the best way to dry and store the nuts I found an article from Ohio in the USA which said that most walnuts in the author's area were left to be run over on the roads or to rot where they fall. Hardly anyone was interested in harvesting them.

Which left me to think why? Are we getting too used to just buying our food cleaned and neatly packaged?

Any thoughts....
Re: Walnuts
April 28, 2018 01:32PM
Maybe people didn't know that they were there for the taking. Or, like you say, it's easier to buy them pre-selected and pre-packaged. It's a shame, because it is a lovely way to spend some time, plus you get free food.

I have to admit I'm guilty of the same thing. As a kid growing up in Auckland I used to go and pick blackberries on the side of the road, collect shellfish frequently, and get walnuts and feijoas from the local park. I no longer do any of these things and I think it's because many of them are seasonal and I forget about it when the season comes round.

You've inspired me to go and look for some walnuts up the road (or is it a bit early for them in Auckland?). Anyway, no harm in looking!
Re: Walnuts
May 06, 2018 05:42AM
Where would I find walnuts in AK???
Id LOVE to gather and eat them. Blackberries too, very hard to find.

I remember a website a while back that had a map to show people where they could go to forage for a variety of things. Ill try to hunt it down.

Dont get me started on shellfish in AK, very hard to find places to gather pipis or mussels. I know in the BOP or even the main beach at the Mount has a plentiful supply of tua tua, sadly Ak has been over collected.

Re: Walnuts
May 06, 2018 05:43AM

Free food to forage in NZ.

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Re: Walnuts
May 06, 2018 09:57PM
Now, do I add the big old fig tree that's on public land to the map that Vanessa has posted, or do I keep it a secret for myself? I think I'm the only one who has collected figs from this tree for the past 4 years! If I want to add it to the map, how do I do it?? Anyone know?
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