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Sushi at home

Posted by Vanessa45 
Sushi at home
May 13, 2018 05:21PM
I made sushi for the firsttime at home, Teriyaki chicken with carrot.
It was sooooo good, I got the BIG tick from my kids.

I used thighs marinated in Teriyaki sauce, sushi rice, vinegar, seaweed and a bamboo mat.
Rolling was a little but tricky but made it work.

Any tips for amazing sushi at home?

I have been googling and know not to push the rice down, keep it light and to cut the seaweed in half so its a smaller piece and only wraps around once if that makes sense?

Another question is where to buy sushi grade salmon/sashimi- ie really fresh salmon fillets? My youngest 6years only eats salmon sushi. Goodness, expensive tastes!!!!


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