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beurre blanc

Posted by Plates 
beurre blanc
July 07, 2018 08:46PM
I want to try and make a butter sauce. There are numerous recipes online, but does anyone have one that is very basic and suitable for making for the first time. I see vinegar is required - would apple cider be OK in place of it?
Re: beurre blanc
July 07, 2018 09:43PM
I don't have a go to recipe as I haven't made it in quite a long time, but personally I would not use apple cider vinegar, I think the taste would be quite wrong. Stick with white wine vinegar. In a lot of recipes cider would be a perfectly acceptable substitution, but I think with such a simple sauce as beurre blanc, you'd notice the difference.
Re: beurre blanc
July 11, 2018 01:48AM
Thanks for the tip - will get all the right ingredients and give it a go.
Re: beurre blanc
July 27, 2018 05:44AM
Gosh I remember when it was the rage, delicious especially with fish.

You don't see it much these days?

I worked in a restaurant with a French chef who had many French things on his menu, I learnt a lot and still remember many of the dishes. LOL he moved on to serving up pizza. Maybe the Kiwis at the time didn't appreciate the French things? Or better profit margins in pizza.

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