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Bran Muffins

Posted by Ali W 
Bran Muffins
August 30, 2018 06:24PM
I have a puzzle...

My sister and I use the same recipe for Bran Muffins with the following adjustments:

She uses Rice Bran Oil - I use Olive Oil
She omits the salt
I reduce the sugar by half a cup down to 1 cup.

Hers are always dark and soft - mine are pale and crunchy.

I know it’s irrelevant in the bigger picture of life - but I want mine to be like hers!

Any suggestions?
Re: Bran Muffins
August 30, 2018 06:48PM
Funny! 'I'll have what she's having.' Do what she does, Ali W.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 30, 2018 06:54PM
Ali W Wrote:
but I want mine to be like hers!
> Any suggestions?

Make them the way she makes them.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 12:40AM
Sugar is hygroscopic - it absorbs moisture. Reducing the sugar will make a noticeable different to the texture.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 01:20AM
Like Jenna, I think the sugar difference is likely to have the most potential effect on result. However...

Go to her place. Make yours in her kitchen, with her watching for any differences in technique. Is there a difference in the muffin tin you use? If so, use her muffin tin. Cook yours in her oven and see how they turn out.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 01:24AM
Ha ha ! Good suggestion but she lives in a different city. Maybe I might suggest that one day, however, will make them again with the total amount of sugar and see what happens. Would the type of oil make any difference?

I was starting to feel a bit silly for asking - but good to have some ideas to try.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 01:28AM
The type of oil is unlikely to make much difference (apart from the flavour) but, as Jenna has already said, the quantity of sugar makes a real difference to the texture as it provides structure as well as sweetness.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 05:44AM
I'd also wonder if she uses brown or darker brown sugar than you? Do you use white and she uses brown, or do you use brown and she uses muscavado? But yes, as others have said, you need to use the full quantity of sugar to get the moist result.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 05:51AM
Ali W I prefer to stick with the recipe when baking, otherwise I end up in disaster, so I'm really not one who has any advice, just thoughts, but I am wondering if half a cup of pureed apple would help you with your recipe? Someone will probably be able to give their opinion on my suggestion and I won't be put out if you don't want to try it!!! But my thinking is that the apple puree might help to add more (natural) sweetness and maybe (maybe??) help to keep them soft and moist?
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 05:58AM
Pureed apple can be used in some baking in place of oil -- but I would think using both the full quantity of oil and adding apple would end up with a dense muffin. There are a lot of tips out there for how to substitute successfully using apple puree, if you're interested. I used to do it many years ago with a brownie recipe, and it was ok. Edible, but not near the real thing.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 06:00AM
The other thing that can make a remarkable difference to baking is the colour of your pan. Pans with a light coloured surface (light silver or gold) produce baking with a lighter and softer crust. Dark grey and black pans, the opposite.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 05:24PM
And don't forget ther're silicone muffin trays in all sorts of colours. That might affect the outcome also. Do you both use the same sort? I have blue silicone muffin trays, a square blue cake pan, a brick-red silicone baking sheet and a grey cake pan. I've also seen silicone pans in pink and yellow.
Re: Bran Muffins
August 31, 2018 09:45PM
Been for groceries and got some Rice Bran Oil so will make another batch (when these are gone - only 2 of us) and use the total amount of sugar. Will let you know what happens!

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
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