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Price Comparisons

Posted by J1 
Price Comparisons
September 11, 2018 03:44AM
Tamari roasted almonds:
Countdown bins $34.90 per kg
Pak'nSave bins $38.90 per kg
New World bins $39.90 per kg

Countdown own brand 400g packet for $10 = $25.00 per kg
Graze 455g packet for $14 (at New World) = $30.76 per kg
Mother Earth 150g packet for $4.80 (at New World) = $32.00 per kg

Or you could make your own.... []

Ceres Organic tamari roasted almonds 150g packet for $10.59 = $70.60 per kg

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Re: Price Comparisons
September 11, 2018 04:00PM
I don't know if any of you have seen the Waikato Times article about this new to NZ imported 'Ice Cream' called Halo. It appears to be full of un-natural 'foods' and some are raving about it and saying it's about time we could buy it in NZ. The normal price is $12 for 473 mls. I did a price calculation which I posted in the Comments section of the article:
"Just so you can make an equal comparison, 473ml @ $12 = $25.37 litre or $50.74 for a 2 litre tub."
It's on special at Countdown this week for $10 for the 473ml cup.

Who in their right mind would pay that much for what it is??

Re: Price Comparisons
September 13, 2018 12:16AM
Prefer to make my own tamari almonds J1 - pretty simple and a tasty and healthy snack. Most people simply don't have the time or the inclination to make pricing comparisons, except to compare different brands of a particular product on the shelf as they shop - they will usually buy the cheapest on the day unless they are a devoted brand buyer, regardless of price, which some people are.

Lorna - Halo isn't sold in two litre tubs so, to me, your extrapolation is irrelevant. Market segmentation is all about identifying a target market and then deciding on a price point that that market will stand. In the case of Halo, their target market is people for whom ice cream is off the menu because of its calorie/kilojoule content, but can eat a 473ml cup of Halo, which tastes very similar to ice cream, at a sitting without feeling guilty. To many people it would be worth every cent of $10/$12 to be able to do that.

It's all about personal choice.


Barbara Anne

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Re: Price Comparisons
September 14, 2018 06:29PM
Price per Kilogram is a rational way to compare the cost of goods. A 2 litre tub is a size that the masses recognise and can relate to as that is the most popular way it is sold, if supermarket fridges are anything to go by. The fact the Halo isn't sold in 2 litre tubs is neither here nor there. The price per kilo is still the same no matter what the packaged volume. Once people know the relative cost between the variaties available they can make up their own mind what price they are willing to pay. I don't care two hoots if some people are willing to pay that price for a tub of chemicals. Niche market or the masses, the price per kilo is relevant. So your comments, regarding my extrapolation are irrelevant to me.
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