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Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents

Posted by helen 
Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 04:17PM
I am currently visiting my mum and dad in Hokitika.
Mum seems to have given up on cooking although they are mentally very independent so I can't try and organise meals on wheels.
While I am here I need to fill the freezer with heat and eat meals. I have covered off beef casserole/stews, have bought those individual Pams potato and emmental gratins (they are delicious) and have pies covered off.
Any other bright suggestions of simple tasty fare that is good to make and freeze.
I don't think they are lasagne people really. More potato than pasta if that makes sense.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 05:23PM
Portions of nourishing soup perhaps to have with breadrolls.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 05:37PM
In the supermarket freezer section, I have seen Roast meals on offer. I wonder if you can cook up a roast, the spuds and suitable veg, and then freeze into separate meal portions?
ps very envious of the whitebait fritter I saw a photo of on FB
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 05:53PM
Great ideas thanks.
Oh yes I had mentally checked out from soups due to it being spring but yes that does make sense.
Irene the whitebait last night was delicious. So fresh and as good as it gets really.
It is also affordable when you are a local. smiling smiley
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 06:16PM
This is a different situation but the end result is the same. and is much as Irene suggested. My aunt liked to travel but it wasn't always convenient for my uncle.. Prior to going, whenever she cooked a meal she cooked extra and froze the portions. He wasn't a take-aways type of person and he could easily reheat them.

You say lasagne probably wouldn't be what they want but meatballs/rissoles cooked in a tomato base sauce are often popular. Shepherds pies. Courgette crustless quiche...I usually add other vegetables to the mix. Thick soups such as having an addition of white beans, rice pasta or pieces of potatoes. Meal size sausage rolls. Beef stroganoff. I am not sure whether stuffed potatoes ready for baking would be ok, just an idea.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 06:44PM
Oh yes to Shepherds Pie, thanks Marnie.
Mum has never eaten tomato rich sauces and don't think they are here but loves Shepherds pie so will make that today.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 07:13PM
In addition to Irene's roast meals suggestions you could also cook corned beef and slice into meal sized servings and cover with a mustard/parsley white sauce or a brown mushroom sauce (to keep it moist) adding a serving of mashed potato and cooked broccoli and/or carrot.

Cook home made hamburger patties, cooked and put into serving sized freezer container, cover with brown gravy or a white or mushroom sauce, then cover with mashed potato (casserole style) and freeze. Some frozen peas could be added next to the meat in the container before mashed potato goes on top. Come to think of it, it's very much like a Marnie's suggestion of Shepherds Pie!

Sometimes the elderly prefer sauces or gravies with their meals to help with their chewing and swallowing process.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 23, 2018 11:28PM
I know these frozen meal places have been mentioned before, but I have recently been ordering "Eat" meals for my almost 88yr old Mum. She lives alone & is although she is quite mentally able (frequent struggles with her lack of independence at times) these meals are able to be frozen, and on the days she is feeling exhausted she can heat one of these up. The menu choices are rotated each week, so some variety, also a choice of several different sized meals for different appetites.
She had been eating lots of cup a soup type meals which are higher in sodium so I wanted her to have good veges & choices of meats, that she wouldnt necessarily buy for herself & cook them.
I did used to try & make a spare plate from some of our meals & take in to Mum too for a while, but as I was (then) working fulltime, it was a struggle to get them to her reasonably promptly.
Good luck with your cooking in the meantime Helen smiling smiley
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 24, 2018 01:22AM
Perhaps someone could share a fish dish to freeze.That is comfort food for the elderly.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 24, 2018 03:36PM
Helen, although we are heading into warm weather, on cool days a fish pie might be enjoyed and it freezes well. I have a few small baking dishes which are really great for individual portions. I add suitable vegetables to the sauce and top with mashed potatoes and cheese. It‘s been a great standby at times in my house.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 24, 2018 05:47PM
Stick to the formula - meat, potatoes, veg and a really tasty sauce.
You can even have them packaged up and frozen so they can mix and match giving them some choice.
I do this with my family and it really helps when people have different tastes. Mince is super popular for my kids. They have mince wraps, mince on toast, mince on rice/pasta/potatoes. Tacos, Nachos - endless possibilities.
Potato Dauphinoise is also popular as is gnocchi.

Hash browns

Roast meat
Smoked fish in creamy sauce
Smoked chicken, creamy sauce
Ham off the bone
Sausages - tasty ones (kranksys, frankfurters)
Savoury mince
Pulled pork

Buy the steam fresh vegs that come in 2 packets. You just microwave them and one packet can do 2 people.

Tomato sauce - like a pasta sauce
Creamy sauces using cream, carbonara, creamy pesto
White sauces - roux
Sweet and sour
Creamy mustard sauce
Balsamic glaze
Fruit sauces - apple sauce
Soy/Asian inspired


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Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 24, 2018 07:27PM
Helen, at Albany NW in you can also get the Pams potato and broccoli gratins in the same range, also delicious! They're not at Kumeu my local so only some stores stock both - something to keep an eye out for.smiling smiley
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 26, 2018 05:08AM
I make fish cakes with flaked smoked fish, mashed potatoes, finely chopped onion, parsley, coat in flour, dip in beaten egg and homemade breadcrumbs from frozen bits of leftover bread. Free flow freeze and serve with frozen peas. Still need to pan fry in a little olive oil and butter and boil the peas but a quick and easy meal.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 26, 2018 08:33AM
How about cauliflower cheese? It's an old-fashionedt-type thing I associate with the older generation so they might like it (I adore it myself despite not being quite in that category yetsmiling smiley) and it freezes well.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 28, 2018 10:34PM
My "go to" is free flowed meatballs. They are versatile, can go in soup or in pasta sauce or just by themselves.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
October 29, 2018 01:24AM
Helen , I just made Ottolenghi courgette pea and basil soup. It was easy, and flavourful, and lighter for the summer months. It was from his new Simple cookbook. Another popular one in our house with older guests is a vegetarian split pea soup by heidi swanson , cook 101. Also carrot and coriander soup, again easy, light and flavourful.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
November 17, 2018 03:14AM
Oh thanks Karen, yes courgette soup is always a good one and I will try the others.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
December 09, 2018 09:43PM
You probably have had a heap of replies to your question about meals that can freeze for your Mum and Dad. What about a Fish Pie, always nice. Not sure if it can be frozen or not though? When I want a simple quick meal for myself and his lordship, I always fall back to the chicken casserole recipe featured on the back of the Oxo chicken cubes box. I never use turnip though., just carrots, potatoes and in the last few minutes of cooking will throw in peas, or chopped up spinach, or even brocolli. Try that. It is super tasty, quick and easy.
Re: Meals to Freeze for Elderly Parents
January 01, 2019 06:39PM
I know this is late but maybe look at the menus of companies that offer ready-to-eat meals like Eat.
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