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Stick Blenders

Posted by Stephanie D 
Re: Stick Blenders
August 12, 2019 04:21PM
I've got 2 sorry as just can't separate them.
I love having a kitchen aid cake mixer, the thought of creaming butter and sugar by hand is way too overwhelming. haha.
The other is my magimix food processor. I just don't know what I would do without it.
Re: Stick Blenders
August 12, 2019 07:38PM
I threw my mandolin away as I was always terrified of it and I knew I'd get rid of it when I had an accident with it so I cut out the middlemansmiling smiley. I've never found a stick blender can stand up to what I want it to do so it's the food processor for me - mine has three bowls so the small one is like using a stick blender and as I use it most days it sits on the bench. However, the appliance that's changed my cooking the most is the electric wok. I have an electric hob which is sooooo slow compared to the speed at which the electric wok heats up, and it's got a 7 litre capacity so you can cook big quantities in it. We eat mostly one pot meals and so I use it for almost everything including soups. As a result I only have one saucepan, for boiling pasta and eggs.
Re: Stick Blenders
August 12, 2019 07:55PM
Lorna Wrote:
> Mine is a Borner, a German brand, which I bought
> at the Auckland Food Show around 20 years ago.
> It's still going strong, and I purchased a couple
> of extra blades to give me the full set which
> means I can slice from very fine julienne strips
> right up to chunky potato chip size. I also
> bought the Borner fancy cutter with which I can
> cut lattice, crinkle or spiral shapes. They are
> also available in some kitchen shops around NZ but
> I like browsing the Kitchen Adventures website
> (the company that exhibits at the food and home
> shows round the country), because they've got lots
> of other interesting kitchen stuff, too.

that’s the one I had. I also bought it at the Food Show and was impressed with what it did. I always used the guard. I cut myself badly when a V cutter was stuck and I pulled hard to get it out. I still get wobbly knees when I think about. It, hence my reluctance to use the o e I bought ages ago. The holder with the spikes is useless and it w ould be safer to use it without, alas...

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Re: Stick Blenders
August 13, 2019 12:07AM
If anyone happens to be interested in the Borner slicer, TreatMe have them on sale at the moment

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