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Lemon Tart

Posted by Ali W 
Lemon Tart
August 08, 2019 08:48PM
I want to make a lemon tart for dinner tomorrow night - to serve 4 - 6.

Does anyone have a nice recipe that doesn't use copious amounts of eggs and cream in the pastry and filling?

I have seen one recipe that uses 3 eggs and 2/3 cup cream in the filling which seems reasonable.

Would appreciate recommendations.

Re: Lemon Tart
August 08, 2019 10:31PM
My recipe sounds similar to the one you have seen Ali.

3 eggs
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tblsp grated lemon zest
1/2 cup caster sugar
3/4 cup cream
Lemon zest to garnish

Beat first four ingredients together until thick, then add cream (lightly beaten). Pour into pastry shell (20cm).

Bake 190degC for 5 mins, then reduce temp. to 150degC and cook for a further 20-25 mins or until set. Serve warm or cold garnished with lemon zest. I like it with either french vanilla ice cream or vanilla bean yoghurt.

There are also instructions for the sweet shortcrust pastry but I find store bought pastry perfectly adequate - let me know if you'd like that recipe.


Barbara Anne
Re: Lemon Tart
August 08, 2019 10:40PM
I can highly recommend Helen's recipe on here
Favourite Citrus Tart
I have been using this recipe for 8+ years
Recently made it with Limes and it was perfect.
I usually use lemons.
It is well loved by our patients here at Hospice
Kind Regards,

Raewyn G
Re: Lemon Tart
August 08, 2019 11:39PM
This might be more rich than you're looking for, but I'll put it out there anyway because it is so quick and easy (well, relatively with the condensed milk based filling rather than a curd). Any citrus combination can be used. The missing writing up the side of the page just says to chill before serving.

Re: Lemon Tart
August 08, 2019 11:49PM
Marco Pierre White's Lemon Tart is by far the best one I have made. I don't know what your criteria are for reasonable amounts of cream and eggs, but this one is perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too rich. It serves about 8.

Re: Lemon Tart
August 09, 2019 12:44AM
Thanks for the recommendations everyone.

Some of my research suggests making the filling the day before to enhance the flavour....anyone done that?
Re: Lemon Tart
August 09, 2019 12:58AM
Yes, I often made the filling a day ahead. It thickens a little, which makes it easier to manage, and the foam settles and is easier to remove.
Re: Lemon Tart
August 09, 2019 01:01AM
Essentially the filling is a custard, so it needs the eggs and cream in ratio. If it uses less eggs and cream then it'll just be a smaller tart. I like Heston Blumenthal's recipe, but it's fiddly and uses lots of eggs and cream so I won't post.
Re: Lemon Tart
August 10, 2019 03:53PM
Yummy lemon tart made and enjoyed. I used Helen's recipe as Raewyn G suggested, I also left the filling to rest overnight. Dug out my old red Alison Holst book and made her sweet short crust pastry in the food processor. There was enough left over to make some shortbread leaves to sit on the side of each plate.

Served with blueberries and cream.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Lemon Tart
August 12, 2019 04:16PM
I'm pleased you enjoyed the tart Ali, I often make it when I am taking dessert somewhere as it is easy to make ahead of time and is portable.
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