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ideas for catering for a crowd

Posted by Tammy 
ideas for catering for a crowd
March 25, 2003 10:14PM
I have volunteered to prepare dinner for about 20 people as the "pre-wedding" dinner for my sister and brother-in-law to be. Any suggestions for the menu? I have thought of a leg of lamb with Moroccan flavours, on cous cous, stuffed chicken drum sticks, a roast pumpkin, kumara and feta salad and green salad. But Mum is worried that there won;t be enough food!! (as mothers do!!) Look forward to hearing some more ideasgrinning smiley
Re: ideas for catering for a crowd
March 26, 2003 05:34PM
HI Tammy
I catered for a family gathering when our son bought his new wife home from Norway and we had butterflied teriyaki lamb, Moroccan chicken (Pantry shop spice mix special) hot gourmet potatoes with mint to compliment, salads - spinach & feta, mesclun, tomato & cucumber kumara & date, a variety of breads, roasted veges (pumpkin, kumara, parnips, carrots,) and a zucchini crumble. Then we had a selection of desserts ( apricot shortcake, lemon tart & the good old kiwi pav) (Norwegians are big on dessert and cakes). Hope this helps.
Helen Coveny-Bell.
Re: ideas for catering for a crowd
March 26, 2003 07:57PM
winking smiley
Hi Tammy,
When I have a crowd which I do several times a year, no matter what the mains are I always make stuffed potatoes which always go down a treat. Bake the med size potatoes in their jackets till soft. Cut in half length wise, scoop out flesh and mash with butter and a little milk. Season well with S & P then add in what have you. I add crumbled cooked bacon, finely chopped red and green capsicum, garlic chives or parsley, finely diced celery and a dash of mayo. Pile back into cases and top with grated cheese. Dust with paprika. These can be prepared to this stage hrs ahead. I pack them into a large meat dish. If you find oven space at a premium and are cooking a roast as well, just add the dish of spuds for the last, say 20 mins. Guaranteed a winner. I would do 12 spuds for 20 people.
Have fun.
Re: ideas for catering for a crowd
March 26, 2003 07:58PM
Hi Tammy,
I love the sound of your lunch, if you think you need to bulk it up a bit what about a spanokopita (spinach, feta, filo pie) or triangles of the same. It ties in with the theme that you are going with and is a vege option as with the lamb and chicken you have enough meat.
Or you could make it less work for yourself and do some plates with dips and pide or pita bread - humus, tzatziki, taramosolata, olive oil and dukkah would all tie in fabulously. Pandoro bakery do a great turkish pide or you could just buy commercial pita bread.
Are you doing dessert and do you want any ideas for that?
A few easy things ive found good for big dinners or lunches-
Spanish tortilla using agria potatoes, smoked paprika and grilled peppers with lots of homemade aeoli
Cervichi using plenty of fresh lime juice, red onion and gurnard [coconut cream too of coarse]
Vietnamese lamb salad medium rare roast lamb rump sliced into strips and tossed with lime juice, vietnamese mint, fish sauce, kecap manis, little brown sugar and fresh chilli
Salt and pepper squid with garlic, pepper and lots of salt, seared in a very hot pan.
Arancini:Crumbed balls of risotto with a little mozzarella in the middle then deep fried.
Pilaf of lamb, craisons [dried cranberries]
and garlic served at room temp with lots unsweetened yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce. This is particularly good if the rice is cooked in half water half apple juice.
Apart from arancini these dishes are served cold, although the squid is good either way.
Hope one or two of them help. Good luck.
Re: ideas for catering for a crowd
March 28, 2003 12:59AM
Helen, do you think that one leg of lamb will be enough for that many people? (bearing in mind that there will be chicken and spanokopita as well?) Tammy
Re: ideas for catering for a crowd
March 28, 2003 02:35AM
I think I would tend to go for two - I do like to over cater though.
If you have left overs then it is great for cold meat for lunches etc..
Often legs are fairly small and in that case if catering for 20 I would do 2 legs and about 26 drumsticks. Then one tray of spanakopita - in saying tray - about the size of a meat roasting dish.
Or alternately you could do one leg and then carve it over the couscous and give people a large spoon to serve with - that way the couscous will bulk up the meat.
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