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Japanese Exchange Student

Posted by shirley barugh 
Has anyone some suggestions as to what I can feed our student arriving tomorrow besides rice and MacDoanlds. Also what do they have for school lunches and any other snacks. Your help is appreciated.
Re: Japanese Exchange Student
July 27, 2004 08:13PM
We've currently got a German exchange student and one of the things we were told, was they are here to experience NZ culture and foods, so just eat your normal foods.

Roast lamb was a hit, and so was baked beans, surprisingly.

A while ago we had two Korean girls and they bought their own stuff for breakfasts. Not sure exactly what it was as it was all in Korean, but a small packet of what looked like dried seawead. They added a raw egg to it and ate it with their chopsticks.

For lunches they loved marmite and cheese sandwiches and bananas. We went through heaps of bananas as they just loved them.

Sorry, I know this isn't specific to your Japenese student, but hope it may help you anyway.

Re: Japanese Exchange Student
July 27, 2004 11:55PM
Hi Shirley
Most of the Japanese kids are quite "westernised" in their eating - so you can probably serve almost anything Kiwi - and Linda's right - Lamb always goes down well.

I usually take my students to the supermarket with me, and point out some lunch type options for them, and they can then see it and decide if it's something they would like....e.g. there are so many types of fast noodle/rice/pasta meals available now; and I usually gave them a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, yoghurt, juice, muffin or biscuit etc. Other students are quite happy for me to make them a filled roll rather than a hot alternative.

Not many international students either like beef or because of religious requirements cannot eat beef. Usually anything lamb, fish, pork and chicken goes down well. Some Asian students are happy with potatoes cooked a variety of ways - but not many. It's a good idea to offer rice with any meal you are serving.

In the end, the best thing you can do is ask lots of questions. The younger the student, the more western their eating habits are likely to be.
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Re: Japanese Exchange Student
July 30, 2004 04:27AM
We had the exchange student from hell a few years ago. He was Japanese, 16 with an Attitude. However as far as food was concerned he was a breeze. Just food, constantly, anything would do. Linda is right - exchange means experiencing a new culture and that includes diet.

Our exchange student had normal kiwi school lunches and ate what we ate. He did get a couple of food parcels from home - mainly to have in the weekend for lunch. We enjoyed trying them too.

Like most teenagers he was delighted to get instant food from home, but was quite happy to eat everything from roast lamb to macaroni cheese (as long as there was lots of it). I didn't replace potatoes with rice but I did slightly increase the number of rice style dishes we ate. I did keep a supply of green tea for him though. He loved my mother in law's roasts!

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice. We are very lucky as she is so easy going and like you all say is willing to eat anything. We are really enjoying having her to stay. Shirley.
Re: Japanese Exchange Student
July 30, 2004 05:39PM
Hi Shirley
Unlike a lot of the other exchange students I have had from other countries I find the Japanese kids extremely polite and respectful. Unfortunately this also means they can sometimes get hungry because they don't tell you what they don't like :/
I have found they are very healthy in their eating habits and even the boys are concerned about their weight!
Two of my kids loved banana cake untill they saw me make it one day and saw how much butter and sugar went into it. Neither of them ate it again!
I totally agree with Ginny, take them shopping and have rice available with every meal. Ask them while at the supermarket what rice they use at home because I used long grain for ages untill I ran out one day and Yukino bought some on the way home and it was medium grain. The rice consumption doubled and we all had a laugh over the fact they thought I had just been cooking really bad rice for the last two months!
Ease them into it and you will probably find they will enjoy kiwi food in no time.
Mostly its a lot of fun with exchange students. Good Luck.


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