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Dunedin Cheese Rolls

Posted by Muriel Langridge 
Dunedin Cheese Rolls
June 30, 2003 06:53PM
Down South in Dunedin they make what is called a cheese roll- bread with cheese and onion - folded and either grilled or pna fried in butter. Seems to be a "Southern" speciality-yummy for kids to make easily after school. Can anyone please tell me how exactely it's done. Seen on Taste N.Z a while ago which brought back childhold memories but not able to remember exactly how. Thanks for this opportunity.
Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
June 30, 2003 07:06PM
Hi Muriel

I am from Southland originally and i love cheese rolls!!! My Grandma's recipe is: 2 cups grated cheese (I use tasty), 425g tin of evaporated milk, 1 pkt onion soup and a knob of butter. Melt all those ingredients together over a low heat and then spread thickly on bread and roll up. they freeze really well. Grandma's are the best cheese rolls i have tasted. I have introduced my husband to them (he is from taranaki) and he loves them as well!

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Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
June 30, 2003 07:21PM
Your cheese rolls sound yum.
Do you grill them once they're rolled or do you eat them cold?

Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
June 30, 2003 07:23PM
Hi Wendy

definitely grill them!! they would be yucky cold. they don't take long to grill. I have also done them in the sandwich press, which is quick. It's important to have really fresh bread so that they roll up easily and don;t crack.
Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
June 30, 2003 07:45PM
Thankx Tammy
Definitely on the 'must do' list!
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Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
July 01, 2003 01:22AM
Thanks Tammy- will try your grandmothers recipe- sounds good!
Is grilling the only way or can you also try putting butter into a pan and brown and heat them that way? just curious?
The people from North Island don't know what they are missing out on Cheers M.
Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
July 02, 2003 01:56AM
I was given this recipe years ago too by a friend from "down south" and have made it many times. I occasionally make a couple of loaves into sandwiches and put into the freezer for toasted sammies, and sometimes substitute the onion soup for bacon and onion.
Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
July 02, 2003 03:28AM
My Mum makes something similiar which is yummy. She uses creamed corn, bacon and cheese. Then rolls them up and bakes them.
Re: Dunedin Cheese Rolls
July 02, 2003 07:38PM
Many years ago I used to make a recipe that you put cheese and finely diced onion and something else (I think) and spread it on a sandwich loaf, putting the loaf back together. I THINK it then went into an oven (wrapped in tinfoil?) for about 20 minutes. I used to serve it when I had a houseful of teenagers or with drinks after football games etc. I have often wondered over the years just how I made it (poor old thing, the brain is a little soft) and now wonder if this is the same sort of thing, though I can see that one recipe is rolled bread and mine was like a garlic loaf. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
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