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liquid smoke

Posted by tracey 
liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 06:49AM
We want to make our own jerky (hopefully from wild venison) and we have a heap of recipes but lots of them use liquid smoke. Does anyone know where we can get that from? There was some advertised for sale on the foodlovers site but I was told that they were no longer making it.
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 01:50PM
Oh really sad smiley - I shall have to ration out the remainder of my precious bottle smiling smiley
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 06:14PM
I bought mine at Zarbo Delicatessen in Newmarket not so long ago. Are you in Auckland Tracey? They don't have an 0800 number in the phone book but I could give them a ring for you if you are out of town, if you like.
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 06:33PM
Hi Tracey

I was going to give you a website address off the bottle of my "Wright's Concentrated Hickory Seasoning liquid smoke" but I have just looked it up and it is now a financial site now not a food site sad smiley I got several bottles when I was in Australia a couple of years ago (it must have been the first time I over stocked on something that we can't get here). Last time I was there I couldn't find it either. The product is still made in the USA I put Wrights hickory seasoning in Google and it is still selling in shops - so as a last resort you could get some sent from overseas - I have had quite a few things sent over from the USA or you could get someone over there to send you some or if you know someone going overseas they might be able to get you some.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Looks like I better ration mine too :/
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 06:44PM
Hi Vicki
Where in Aust. did you get yours. We are off to Brisbane next week for a few days to visit our son and his new fiancee. I will try and find some foodie shops and no doubt Tanya will know of some in the outer suburbs maybe. Heres hoping.
Helen C.B
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 08:24PM
Hi Helen

I got the liquid smoke from Coles Supermarket. There is a sticker on the side of the bottle which was put on by the importers. They were Fine Foods International in Maroubra, NSW - but the website address now you go to a financial site instead - so whether they are still importing it or not I couldn't tell you. I have also had a look on the white and yellow pages and can't find them either. (you might find that someone else is now importing it - having worked for a food distributor - what they stock changes quite often). I have just had a look around some of the online supermarkets in Australia and nothing seems to come up sad smiley I have finally found the website in the USA where they make it, it is [] I think your best bet might be to have a look in a foodie shop or ring around some of the supermarkets while you are there. Sorry I can't find out anymore - maybe contacting B&G foods might be another idea. Good luck smiling smiley
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 08:58PM
I have just sent an email to B&G foods to see if they still supply Australia anymore or if we can get some sent to us direct here. Hopefully I will get a reply ASAP and I will post what they reply.

Another product which is really nice is Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce - it is a nice smokey sauce (not liquid smoke but has it in it) it is made by Kraft - but again hard to find - you used to be able to get it here in a commercial sized bottle. It was really nice on ribs and other meats. It is still listed on the American Kraft site but not on the international site []

Someone else might know of other products that are around.
Re: liquid smoke
August 22, 2003 09:51PM
I rang Zarbo and they have Liquid Smoke at $6.95 a bottle.
They have a web site and you can order from there.
Hope this helps.
Re: liquid smoke
August 23, 2003 01:30AM
Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to answer my query. I have e-mailed Zarbo's in Auckland to see if I can get some liquid smoke from them. I'll let you all know if I can and for how much.
Re: liquid smoke
August 23, 2003 05:41AM
Hi there,
Vinotica also sell liquid smoke - try them on 09 4155 942 or email <>

Helen - foodlovers
Re: liquid smoke
August 23, 2003 08:00PM
Here is the reply I have just received from B&G foods

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us about B&G products. Your comments and patronage are very much appreciated.

We strive hard to produce only the highest quality product and to satisfy our consumers. It is therefore rewarding to know that our efforts are appreciated.

Unfortunately, this product is not available in your area. There is an outside company, MY BRANDS, who is in the business of selling hard to find products. If you would like to place an order, you may contact them at <> or their toll free number is 888-281-6400.


B&G Foods, Inc."

I have had a look at the website and they do deliver internationally so if anyone is looking for something we can't get here you could always try them.
Re: liquid smoke
August 23, 2003 09:09PM
Don't forget to e.mail me direct as well if there are products you cannot find and I can chase them up.
If liquid smoke isn't available I can probably source it if you are prepared to wait a week or two.

Helen - foodlovers
Re: liquid smoke
August 25, 2003 05:05AM
I bought some a few weeks ago from Vinotica for about $7 - $8... really good stuff put some on some Stir Fry meat the other night, YUM! Only trouble is each time I open the pantry at the moment I have to open the bottle to have a smell!
Re: liquid smoke
August 25, 2003 07:21PM
I bought some sample bottles of liquid smoke from USA, I was going to import a barrell of the stuff and sell under my own label, but other things have happened instead, I have some 4oz bottles that I would be happy to send around to foodlovers - if you want to send email me and send me a pre-paid bubble bag or something?!!.

It's Colgin Liquid Smoke from Texas.

Cheers Lynley
Re: liquid smoke
August 26, 2003 01:19AM
At the food show last year I remember there was a stall that was selling small bottles of liquid smoke - NZ made. They also sold smoked mushrooms??? if I remember correctly. Anyone else remember that?

Re: liquid smoke
August 26, 2003 02:09AM
The more I think about this, the more detail I am recalling! The label was quirky - tongue in cheek; and something to do with cats or goats???? Anyway, I'd like to find out who they were as I tried some of their other offerings on the stand and would like to purchase some now!

Re: liquid smoke
August 27, 2003 01:33AM
I heard from Zarbo's. A 30ml bottle of liquid smoke is $6.95 but the shipping cost from Auckland to Nelson is $14.50!! Vinotica are waiting on a new lot of goods from overseas and that shipment may or may not include liquid smoke. I need to wait about 6 weeks to find out if they managed to get any. I'll let you know.
Re: liquid smoke
August 29, 2003 03:31PM
Hi I heard that you can get liquid smoke from Pepperama in Newmarket.
Cheers Pat
Re: liquid smoke
August 29, 2003 03:50PM
A new shipment of Liquid smoke has arrived in Dunedin
Re: liquid smoke
September 01, 2003 02:17AM
I have been reading this thread and felt compelled (an embarrassed by my ignorance) what is liquid smoke? What is it used for?

Re: liquid smoke
September 01, 2003 02:24AM
Liquid smoke is used for marinating meat. Gives a lovely smokey flavour and is popular in stir-fries, stews and other meat dishes.
I thought of trying marinating a boned leg of lamb, has anyone does this?
Re: liquid smoke
September 01, 2003 03:59PM
I just have to say at this juncture - that I have never used liquid smoke to marinate meat - I use it to flavour tofu and tempeh - fakin the bacon flavour.

We had tempeh last night and I made chinese style marinade with a teasoon of liquid smoke - it was superb!

Re: liquid smoke
October 16, 2005 06:39AM
Hi Guys,
I have been in search for Liquid smoke as well and how interesting that I came across this sight and found so many of you after the same thing. I'm still searching and if you can help me with where I can find it. Will be delighted

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