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Pre dinner nibbles

Posted by Nicky 
Pre dinner nibbles
November 03, 2005 02:07AM
Hiya there smiling smiley

The work Christmas party/dinner is at my house this year! *shaking with terror*

Does anybody have any really easy but impressive ideas for pre dinner nibbles


Cheers Nicky
Re: Pre dinner nibbles
November 03, 2005 03:20PM
Baby pesto piklets a dob of sour cream or cream cheese and either smoked salmon or caviar on top.
thai fish balls with dipping sauce.
mini savoury muffins.
antipasto platter.
Re: Pre dinner nibbles
November 03, 2005 04:50PM
I just read somewhere yesterday - may have been the taste email??? - but to work out how many nibbles per person, allow 1 nibble per hour that the person is there (oops they obviously haven't taken into account nibble eater hunger munchers like me smiling smiley )
Re: Pre dinner nibbles
November 03, 2005 08:45PM
I read that too in the taste newsletter, but I think it was one nibble per person per 15min - that sounds more like me :-)
Re: Pre dinner nibbles
November 03, 2005 11:18PM

You must have a large house to fit 50 people in and an awful lot of windows to clean smiling smiley

On a serious note... do you have a budget to work with ?
Is this a solo job or do you have little helpers
Will you have helpers on the night.

I went back and found this answer from Helen (not sure which one) in relation to Hayley's wedding. It may or may not be useful.

* oysters either natural or very lightly cooked and perhaps served on china spoons (like you get in Asian restaurants)
* sushi
* prawns - perhaps tempura or wrapped in a wonton wrapper and served with mango salsa.
* caramelised onion with goats cheese and rosemary baby quiche
* tiny leek and gruyere tarts
* smoked salmon with a dill mayo on baby pikelets
* caperberries wrapped in bacon
* wontons (perhaps pork mince with water chestnut, coriander etc...)
* tiny club sandwiches - chicken with avocado, pistachios and best mayonaise is divine
etc... etc...


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Re: Pre dinner nibbles
November 04, 2005 01:43AM
I do 6 mini breads using the bread maker dough, and serve with different dips and spreads. Better than crackers

The breads usually
Nut - whatever was in the pantry
Mixed herb

Dips / Spreads
Avocado cream
Pea mint mash
Harissa and Olive oil
Sherry Vinegar
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