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How long can Tabouleh last...

Posted by Kathie 
How long can Tabouleh last...
January 24, 2006 10:46PM
Dear All, I love tabouleh, but it isn't worth making it often for one person - how long does it last and how can I make it last longer and while I am on a rile, can I do the burghul wheat alone which may last longer i.e. 3 or more days on it's own and just chop in the rest as I get the urge? Helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. I hope this makes some sense? Thankyou -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 01:29AM
Hi Kathie,
When you add the wet ingredients such as the toms, cucs, onions etc, it makes the cracked wheat go soggy if not eaten fairly quickly and the flavours seem to dissapate... It's okay, just not optimal in my book. What I do do do, is prepare the know, soak it and squeeze it then fluff and put aside separately in the fridge... I make up the wet ingredients and herbs and keep that in another separate covered bowl, but I omitt the oil and lemon juice as the mint stays nice and green until you inflict them on it. Parsley more forgiving. Add them when you want to eat some plus the cinnamon if you use that too.

That way, I can make it last a few days, but if I've over soaked the wheat somehow or not squeezed out sufficient moisture that can go guggy on you too quickly.

Sorry, made a pig's ear describing this.. thumbs down to me.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 03:50PM
Dear Kerry, thanks for that, do you think that the wheat would last 3 days in the fridge on it's own? Cheers -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 04:19PM
Yes, I think it should be okay. If it has gone a bit spongey on you, you could make some Potato patties.. You will know by the taste anyway. Maybe make less?? Now you have me going...I'm going to make some today and have with grilled chicken I think. It was always served with bbq chicken and hummus in Egypt.

Potato Patties

6 boiled mashed potatoes
1 large onion finely chopped
Salt and pepper
1 tablespoon ground coriander seeds.. (I like to grind my own for these and leave it fairly coriander.
100g or as much as you like of soaked cracked wheat.(burghul)
1 tbsp flour
Oil for frying.

Add everything into a bowl and mix well..Can add anything else that takes your fancy but on its own like this is v nice.
Shape into patties and fry in oil. I use olive oil and shallow fry although these are traditionally deep fried.
Serve hot sprinkled with lemon juice.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 04:56PM
Dear Kerry, Ohhh, thankyou ever so much for all help. Sounds Yummy... -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 05:56PM
Here is another recipe you might enjoy Kathie. It has a deep earthy taste which I really enjoy but is lifted by the lemon slivery rings..You can also leave the lemon out as that was my addition after I had made it several times. I also like to squeeze fresh lemon over the end product on my plate so will include a few lemon wedges when serving. You could make a tomato and onion salad, or capsicum salad to accompany it or ...... endless options.

Burghul Pilav.
450g cracked wheat - or rice
450g lamb cubed
2 onions finely chopped
12g butter
1 tbsp oil
Salt, pepper and cinnamon (I'm quite generous here or toss in half a cinnamon quill)
1 small tin of tomato paste or 40g..
6-8 cloves garlic left whole and unpeeled.
1 Lemon with skin on, sliced in fine slivers, pips removed...optional

Fry onions in butter and oil until golden. Add meat and spices and brown well. Add wheat or rice, (or wheat and rice if you like I guess ie. half half) tomato paste, & unpeeled garlic. Stir to combine, cover well with water, stir again, arrange lemon rings over the top, cover the pot. Bring to boil and simmer gently for about 30 mins or until the wheat is plump and soft and meat tender. if you have added too much water, just remove lid and gently continue cooking to evaporate the rest.. or if you think you haven't put in enough, sprinkle some more on, replace lid and have a glass of wine and frown heavily and mutter imprecations to the pot. Beg if you have to.

Another optional: You can add some olives too if you like, but first, put them in a pot and cover with cold water, bring to the boil. Leave for a minute, drain off water and repeat to remove excess salt. Add them in the final stages of cooking - a few minutes only. Put on top of lemon rings.

This would serve between 4 - 6

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
January 25, 2006 06:01PM
Dear Kerry, Are you some Middle Easter Food Goddess? Wow, yummmmmmy; thankyou ever so much for sharing these with me - I can't wait to try them! -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 04:22PM
Kerry, Help - my tabouleh tasted horrid when it was fresh - could it have been bitter lemons or something like that or am I cursed? Cheerio -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 04:47PM
Morning Agent 3461
Hmmmm, bitter you say..was your burguhl (I hate that word) wheat fresh or is there a little chance it had started to ferment?? Had the packet been opened for a while? Did you buy a job lot? I keep all my wheats in the freezer, even my besan (chick pea flour) and it is still fine two years down the track.

Lemons...if they were ripe and if they were nice and juicey they should have been perfectly adequate..did you add any cinnamon? if you added too much that could have made it bitter...just right amount and the dish is transported. With lemons I taste them and sometimes mix up a tart with a sweet.

Was your oil okay? You did use evo?

Go back and try a smaller amount and test everything on your tongue before you add it.

Middle eastern cooking was the first real cooking that grabbed my interest when we moved to Egypt for a year 25 years ago. I didn't really learn English style cooking until we came back to NZ. It is simple wholesome food and I love it. I really love their minced lamb/beef, hazelnuts and rice dish all cooked up and flavoured with cinnamon too. Good luck with try no.2.

If you've not had this problem in the past and used the same ingredients then something must have been a little off this time..I'm picking the wheat. If it was the lemon try adding a little sugar syrup.

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 05:24PM
Wow Kerry, that was quick; you definitely are my Middle Eastern Guru, my lad has a Lebonese friend and his mum is an amazing cook. Maybe I should walk four odd doors down the road and pick her brains.
Back to the horrid Tabouleh, mmmmm I used mixed spice instead of cinnamon 'cause that is what my lads friends mum did. But you probably hit the nail on the head with my heavy handedness in the spice category and I forgot to add evo, I didn't add any oil at all - oooops.
However, I will not surrender just yet?!?!
Ummm, ohhhh would love the beef, hazelnut and rice recipe if you wouldn't mind...
AND I brought the burghul wheat on Monday from New World in a sealed bag thingeee, so the wheat should be ok.
Wow, you lucky thing haven't spent so much time over in Egypt, my half-sister is English and lives in Spain and I went and visited her 3 years ago, I would live there tomorrow...
I do a bit of Spanish stuff and have 3 tagines and love Moroccan cooking also.
Keep in mind that although I love cooking and have more cookbooks than the National Library, I probably aren't that good - not a handed down trait in my family unfortunately, my Dad tought my mum to cook; say no more....
Thanks again for all the FAB hints; you should start cooking classes. Cheerio -Kathie-
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 06:57PM
Mona’s Rice with Meat and Nuts.

Cooked rice..the amount for the number of people you will be serving. 500 g (2 cups, should serve 5 - 6 people). I use brown rice now..but the following was Mona’s way.

Wash the rice in a sieve and put into a little butter and fry for 1 minute on a gentle heat coating the grains. You aren’t browning it, just adding flavour. I think the butter gives a nice flavour. Add water and salt to taste. I always taste the water as that is what the rice will taste like once it has been absorbed and Mona didn’t, but I add zest of lemon..anyway, this is Mona’s recipe not mine..Sorry Mona. Bring rice to the boil, stir to distribute the flavours and butter..cover pot, return to boil, switch off the heat and forget about it for 30 mins. You should have perfect rice when you take the lid off.
Remember…1 cup rice.- .using the same cup 2 cups water, but measure just a little less water then a full cup.

Rice with Meat and Nuts.

This mixture is quite dry and was always served with thick tangy yoghurt. Sometimes she grated up a cucumber into the yoghurt..sometimes it was left plain.

I’m getting there:

225g minced lamb or beef
100 g toasted Hazelnuts. (I always used more) skins removed after toasting. Roll around in a tea cloth and they come off easily)..If they break up that's okay - she also has written down that you could use pine nuts and almonds.
Salt pepper and cinnamon..unspecified.

Fry the meat lightly in butter until it becomes soft. I cover it then remove cover to brown it up some if it hasn't already. Fry the toasted nuts in a little butter as well and add them to the can add them without doing this but a little more butter on them doesn't go amiss. Add your salt, pepper and cinnamon. Taste and add more cinnamon if necessary. I'd probably use 1/2 tsp as a starter and go up from there.

Put rice on a plate and top with the meat and nut mixture.

She also made vege type casseroles to serve with it..either zuchinni or aubergine..using lots of garlic and tomatoes and parsley and green pepper too.

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 07:05PM
Dear Kerry, Wow, thankyou thankyou, buzz buzz, I will let you know tomorrow how my Tabouleh turns out or not?!?! You can become my mentor... Cheerio -Kathie-

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 08:33PM
Agent3461..You have to be desperate!!! smiling smiley

Agent Kerrrrrryy...trembling at the thought of being a mentor.better to back to sleep. Must be one of those dreams.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 09:22PM
I am probably older than you and mentor to none; take it as a compliment...
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 09:53PM
Compliment humbly and graciously received and accepted - and I'm even going to frame it Agent3461. Hang on tight then, it could be a rocky ride.

Now I have to tell you that I am going all out tonight with tabbouleh and a chicken and olive thingy to go with it...mentor being inspired by mentee. hot smiley

Agent Kerry

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 10:34PM
Dear Kerry,

I bet you tabouleh comes out better than mine.
I let you know how it goes and you can let me know how your brew turns out?

Mucho gracias for all your help.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 11:10PM
Agent3461, I feel a pep talk coming on. Just follow your recipe, don't forget the evo, lots of finely chopped fresh mint and parsley and try cinnamon rather than mixed spice...not a lot just a smidge by smidge as you go until "Nirvana"and lots and lots of fresh lemon juice...and the sweetest firmest not quite ripe tomatoes...not squishy ones a nice large onion finely chopped but don't add this until the last moment as they go blaaaaah and soft...Serve on a plate of lettuce leaves, or even finely chopped cabbage.

Aw shucks Mentee, here's my basic recipe..
Cracked wheat soaked in cold water for an hour, then drained and squeezed of moisture. .. about 225g in this case.
2-3 cups parsley
1 cup fresh mint
2 not quite ripe but sweet tomatoes
1 large is nice
Olive oil 1/2-1cup
Juice of 3 lemons
salt and black pepper
Cinnamon..up to you.. hone your tasting testing buds.

Finely chop the greenery, toms and onion. Put in large bowl with the expressed wheat. Add cinnamon, lemon juice and oil. Mix well. Season with s&p..Should taste definitely lemony and mine is quite highly spiced as I'm that sort of type. they don't do it in Egypt but I zest up a lemon and add that too.

I'll be adding cucumber and green peppers as I have billions and I just love crisp green chopped olives in it too.
When you look in the mirror tomorrow your skin will be glowing and your insides singing and humming for pure joy.

AgentKerry Mentor and sometimes paininbum.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 01, 2006 11:26PM
Dear Agent Kerry My Very Own Mentor,

You are such an angel and never a pain in the bum; t'is I whom is the pain in the touche!
I will keep you posted on my progress on the 'morrow!
Have a FAB chicky tea tonight.
Thankyou again ever so much.

Not So Clever Chicky Babe Cook Kathie
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 02, 2006 03:33PM
Dear Kerry,

Wow, you are my soul sister; the Tabouleh came out al donte/primo and all the rest, how was your chicken?

Hasta luego,
Tabouleh Kathie
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 03, 2006 12:31AM
Afternoon Agent Tabouleh3461
Zowwwie, I always wanted a sister...big small I don't care. One who speaks foreign even bettah. My dad told me I probably have hundreds of them and brothers too in Crete from his exploits during WW2 where he was known as Capn Stallios. He said the women were beeyewtiful. I'll say no more. Loose lips sink battle ships!! Glad you enjoyed your wheaty wonder Kathie.

My Chicken with Olives was esplendido.. I call it Lailla's chicken as it was her recipe. The last time I made it was in Dec 1982 in Cairo. The chickens were very organic and did their last squawk before your very eyes when you purchased them at the local sook. If you were doubly blessed they laid an egg too.. (just kidding).
The chicken is cooked whole then disjointed served over rice with specks of parsley to adorn and relieve the golden brown colour of the meal. I used to cook this in a regular pot uncovered being as how kitchen utensils were very basic back then and I have 90mins as my cooking guide-line. Last night I used an electric fry pan with a glass dome and I suspect it was cooked through after 60mins, but the mastah wasn’t home so I had to keep it humming along until he was.The legs and arms were juicy, but the breast meat had dried out a little which was disappointing. The chook had been frozen for about a month though. Think I’d suffer the same fate!

It is not a highly spiced dish and if you preferred you could substitute Moroccan spices or whatever takes your fancy instead. The lemon squeezed over at the end lifts it out of the bland category though.

Lailla’s Chicken with Olives:
Whole chicken (Mine was ca 16)
2 tbsp or thereabouts of olive oil…I used lemon infused.
1 good teaspoon sweet paprika
1 Large onion sliced into half moons
1 Onion finely chopped
2 -4 teaspoons freshly grated ginger (if you like more, go for it) or you can use ½- 1 tsp ground.
Black Olives… I used about ¾ cup Kalamata - stones in. Don’t enjoy the black ones here.
Lemon juice..1/2 -1 whole lemon
Salt and Pepper.
Water 1 cup to begin.

Dry the chicken inside and out.
Put sliced half rounds onions into a bowl, pour over oil, mix in ginger, paprika salt and pepper.
Heat the pan to a low heat, toss in the oiled spiced onions, swirl them around until they begin to cook just a little, then add the chicken and swirl that around in the onion mix. Slowly pour in about 1 cup of water. Splitter splatter!! Best tee shirt - history!! Cover and cook on a low to moderate heat. Keep turning chicken. You are now planning to caramelise the onions and cook the bird. As the water evaporates keep on encouraging the onions to brown up and sometimes remove cover and rev up the heat just a little if not cooking fast enough.

20 mins before you want to eat it, put in the diced onions and mix up with the other onions and caramelly bits, and maybe some more water as you will finish up with a gravy like sauce which has a lovely golden colour…

A few minutes only before you come to serve, add the olives, which have been boiled up a couple of times in clean changes of water to remove excess salt.

At serving time, squeeze the lemon juice over the chicken.

Serve with plain rice….and a side salad of tabbouleh.

Agent Chicken Licken, Lukim You.
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 03, 2006 01:32AM
I'm feeling rather like a voyeur here ladies! lolol.......smiling smiley but I need to thank Kerry for these recipes. I have them saved to try at the very next opportunity. Grazie Kerry, and for your entertaining posts. winking smiley

Chopsticks are the reason the Chinese did NOT invent custard. winking smiley

Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 03, 2006 01:56AM
Agent Chicken Licken,

Me no savvy yu tok Pidgin!!!

Lukim yu smiling smiley
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 03, 2006 02:29AM
Me tok, I mean me one time tok pidgin but me no tok tok now. Nigerian pidgin same no same.
Lukim yu behind smiling smiley
Re: How long can Tabouleh last...
February 03, 2006 06:25PM
Dear Agent ChickySisKerry,

Oh, I relate to the WWII Daddy thingee, my dad was in the submarines in WWII and me, myself and I always thought that I was an only child, until I was 29 and 2 half-sisters turned up from England and there is a half-brother there also, I am just waiting for the Antarctic family to turn up next!?!?
I wish I had a sister on this side of the world to teach me things. My English half-sister living in Spain is 60, the nutter in the middle don't know and my half-brother is 50 and then moi. Christmas Day etc for me is Mum, Dad, Sam (my son) and moi.
Wow, sounds like you've had an ultra - interesting life?
Thankyou for yet another recipe to try, forget Nigela Lawson as the Domestic Goddess, you leave her standing Sister.
Have a FAB long weekend.

Hasta luego,
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