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can you freeze feijoas whole? to freeze them?

Posted by kim 
Hi there,

we have been given alot of feijoas. I would like to freeze them. I have read on the net that you can scoop the flesh out and freeze the flesh, but can you just chuck them in the freezer as is and freeze the entire thing without having to scoop the flesh out?

Re: can you freeze feijoas whole? to freeze them?
April 25, 2006 09:07PM
I would, but only because I would tend to use them flesh and all for chutnies and jellies. If you are intendinng to use the flesh only it would save a lot of effort at the other end to have only scooped flesh to deal with - clear as mud - great!

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I dont have time at the moment to scoop the flesh out....(busy working mum with 4 small children) and feel it is a waste having them rot, with being too busy to do.... hence wondering if I could cheat and freeze whole then I can defrost and use them at my convience for making cakes.

Re: can you freeze feijoas whole? to freeze them?
April 25, 2006 10:36PM
I don't see why you cannot.
Pop some in a plastice bag in the freezer and see what happens. If they burst in the bag does it really matter.
I freeze 500gm at a time, but I have always scooped them out, but reading Lynley's comments in the feijoa and chillie thread, she makes a chutney with skins and all, so I wonder why I am wasting my time by chopping them up an scooping them out! Next time I am just making it with the skins on.
Let us know if you froze them successfully, as I think I will give a try.
Have fun.
Yes, I've done it. They freeze fone, no bursting. To use I just boiled them whole until they were soft, cooled and peeled the skin off... very easy.
Yes you can freeze them raw I make a light syrup about 1 cup sugar in 4-5 cups water then chill it usually do that the night before. I peal the feijoas then cut in 1/2 and put in a container to suit for freezing, margarine pots, 1 or 2 litre Icecream containers or resalable bags then coer with the chilled syrup and into the freezer. When you want them thaw them and eat as desert tase just like fresh feijoas. If they are peeled and not covered with the syrup they go brown and dry.
Take the time to cook them for later use in jam or chutney takes less room in the freezer and can go into the pot ready to cook. You can peel or leave on the skin the flavours are slightly different. Chop or slice in the food processor before cooking in the then put in iceceam containers or suitable size resealable bags in recipe weight lots and label to freeze the bags do not overfill put the oven tray on the top of the freezer then lay the bag flat on the tray to freeze.
Also use fresh feujoas in cake muffins and in desserts in places where you might use apple mix with apple for a change if anyone wants recipes e-mail me. I have quite a collection
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