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Freezing cream

Posted by Kay 
Freezing cream
September 20, 2006 06:04PM
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to freeze a bottle of cream and then whip it once it has thawed.
Re: Freezing cream
September 20, 2006 06:41PM
I am pretty sure that you can
Re: Freezing cream
September 20, 2006 06:56PM
I haven't found it successful. When it thaws it separates and whipping it just makes it worse!
Re: Freezing cream
September 20, 2006 10:51PM

Whipped cream is fine frozen , often have done sponges or small cakes with cream in.
Id just whip it and place it in an airtight container and try a bit over night .
Im sure its fine . regards ngaire
Re: Freezing cream
September 21, 2006 04:42PM
I've never had luck with it - and the cream looks disgusting once thawed.

Re: Freezing cream
September 21, 2006 05:42PM
Probably not answering what you want, but this was a favourite recipe about 20 years ago.

Coffee Cream.
Beat 300ml of cream with a 1/3 cup of sugar. Disolve 2 tsp of instant coffee in 2 Tb of brandy and 1 tsp of vanilla. Mix into whipped cream. Freeze.

From memory, we used to float it on Irish coffees and use it for desserts. It never got a chance to thaw.
Re: Freezing cream
September 23, 2006 01:11AM
I asked this question once before on this forum (you may want to check it out) - and the answer that I got was that if you freeze the cream very quickly it whips ok. I can agree with this, as I have since tried it and it was OK. The secret, according to who posted it (I think Lisa?), is to not have ice crystals in the cream - that means slow freezing and this cream does NOT beat!
Hope this helps
Re: Freezing cream
September 25, 2006 05:02AM

I've found that I can whip frozen cream provided I let it thaw naturally at room temperature and don't try to hurry it along (eg by putting the bottle in a bowl of hot water)
Re: Freezing cream
December 16, 2008 05:13PM
I froze a bottle of cream for the first time ever a few weeks back but when I thawed it out the other day it was a revolting yellow colour and was generally awful. I threw it away and will not freeze cream again. (So Catherine, above, I agree with you.)
Re: Freezing cream
December 16, 2008 11:02PM
Hi Jennifer 1.Have you ever frozen milk? I do it all the time as we are quite a long way from the dairy! It is amazing what a bright yellow it is in the plastic bottle and how it returns to white again when it thaws.Hate to think you threw a bottle of cream out because of it's colour.You could have used it for baking scones etc!
Re: Freezing cream
December 17, 2008 01:22AM

Re the yellow colour - I've found it only does this if it's heated when it's being thawed. I also freeze cream in ice cube trays, then I have it in small quantities for pasta sauces, etc. Before I started doing this I'd buy cream to use with a dessert, then end up throwing the rest out because it had gone off.
Re: Freezing cream
December 17, 2008 06:13PM
Hi Toots, no, I've never frozen milk. I do keep milk powder handy for those "out-of-milk" times. I don't freeze much, really. I froze bananas once, after reading on here that you could do that and make banana cake from them, but they made the banana cake taste awful so I've not frozen them again either.
Re: Freezing cream
December 17, 2008 06:44PM
Oh dear you don't have much luck with the freezer do you? Never have any prob with freezing bananas,do it all the time!I have frozen both either in or out of their skins.Do try again.It may have been a one off that you had the problem with As you know I hate waste and do all I can to avoid it.
Re: Freezing cream
December 17, 2008 06:55PM
I think frozen bananas are the best for banana cake,and have never tasted any difference in the cake. I like using the frozen ones as the banana is juicier, which I feel makes the cake moister. I have frozen milk when we are going away on holiday etc, and have just given it a good shake after its thawed and no problems there. Butter when its on special goes into the freezer. Cheese, I find grated okay in the freezer, but blocks tend to go crumbly so pass on that one.
Anonymous User
Re: Freezing cream
December 18, 2008 01:09AM
I have never frozen cream but often froze milk as (at the time) lived far away from the nearest town & didnt like the thought of milk sitting on the mail truck before it got to our house - last on the mail run for the day!!
As long as it had a good turnaround time in the freezer, ie didnt stay in there for much more than a couple of weeks plus had a good shake when thawed .. slowly thawed too, not hurried, it was fine. So ... I guess IMHO cream could be treated equally,
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