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Posted by Dawn 
Re: Google
December 01, 2014 10:28PM
If you look at today's banner for Google, I think they may have got this one wrong!! thumbs up smiley
Re: Google
December 01, 2014 11:06PM
winking smiley You can say that again, Irene.
Since I changed to this *B* computer Win 8.1 (stands for blessed, of course) the set up is different to the old one when I saw the Google header on a regular basis and I often miss seeing them now.
Re: Google
December 01, 2014 11:22PM
Marnie, do you have Firefox, Chrome or IE. I am on Windows 8.1 - but use Firefox as my preferred, and no problems with Google at all.
Re: Google
December 02, 2014 12:00AM
Good comment, I agree with you Irene - they've definitely got it wrong! thumbs down

I am on Windows 8.1 and use IE and have no problems with Google's banners.
Re: Google
December 02, 2014 01:51AM
Dawn, my preferred browser is Firefox. I know I can change the way Google comes up (showing banners) but I had to sort out so many other things with Windows 8.1 that it wasn't a priority at the time. Thanks anyway.
Re: Google
December 02, 2014 02:31AM
Marnie Windows 8 is very different isn't it - takes a bit of getting used to I found.smiling smiley
Re: Google
December 02, 2014 02:40AM
Dawn, it's my understanding that Windows 8.1 quickly followed Windows 8 because there were so many things that needed fixing. Those with Windows 8 have mostly converted to Windows 8.1.
Need I say more. grinning smiley
Sorry, I accidentally posted before I had finished. drinking smiley
You are so right about it being different and taking a bit of getting used to. It would be fair to say that I have been using computers for longer than 40 or so years and although each new system has always required a bit of getting used to, this one has/is taken/taking far longer.
It didn't help that almost around the same time my dearly beloved bought me a brand spanking new phone and a mini android tablet to match. Plus I bought a new camera. A six year old would have these things sussed within minutes. Sigh!! I was trying to adapt to using 4 different gadgets almost at once.

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Re: Google
December 02, 2014 05:45AM
I've only had 20 years computer experience and limited at that, Marnie. I'm not familiar with all the current gizmo's out there - we're pretty basic (hubby and I), our cell phones we use as phones and for texting only and we don't have tablets etc to complicate things as what we've got is all we need. You are so right though, our grandchildren know how to work electronics better than we do, but I do enjoy being able to have the instant contact our cell phones and computers provide us with. Some would probably say we don't know what we're missing out on winking smiley but I guess we're happy at the moment (not knowing what we're missing out on, ha!)

My husband has always said he keeps his computer in his pocket: notebook and pencil! (Typical farmer!)eye rolling smiley
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