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Hampton & Mason bakeware

Posted by cantabcook 
Hampton & Mason bakeware
January 22, 2011 09:58PM
This morning I noticed some large H&M frying pans with lids which look like they can be used on a hobb and then go into the oven. Has anyone used them before? Certainly much cheaper than the Le Creuset equivalent and 60% off til tomorrow at Briscoes. I don't want to splash out on a dud though.
Re: Hampton & Mason bakeware
January 23, 2011 02:32AM
What are the handles made from? And how are they attached?

If you collect Flybuys save up for the Le Crueset products on there. I just got my 3rd piece (large casserole pan - 1595 points) and it has all been 'free' so far!


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Re: Hampton & Mason bakeware
January 23, 2011 06:31AM
The pan handle and lid handle are made from the same material as the rest of the pan (no idea what its called though). The lid handle is attached by a metal screw on the inside of the lid.

Have cleaned out most of my Fly Buys lately but will keep that in mind.
Re: Hampton & Mason bakeware
January 23, 2011 10:03PM
Thanks Ancksunamun (intrigued by the name!?) You've just made my day!!! For the last week I have been trawling stores, internet & trademe checking prices for a Le Creuset casserole, wondering how on earth I can justify spending $300+ on an 'I want' whim. I totally forgot about flybuys. I have about 900 points so I'm sure I can make it happen even if I have to pay a little myself. Problem solved and no guilts! So a big thanks from a happy girl!
Re: Hampton & Mason bakeware
February 05, 2011 07:40AM
Hi there , I bought one before christmas and love it , I dont heat it
too hot as was written in the instructions.
went and bought one for son and daughterinlaw also at 60percent off.
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