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Posted by ngaire 
January 14, 2016 07:56PM
Im wanting a quality frypan I can use with out oil or spray any help please.
Re: Frypans
January 15, 2016 04:01AM
Honestly, two of the best pans we have - one a non-stick frypan (Teflon-type) and the other a 3-layer steamer pot - we bought from The Warehouse for very few $$$. I am no fan of Teflon-type non-stick frypans so every now and again I've gone and wasted my money on so-called quality pans with non-stick alternatives and been disappointed each time. I also have a relative who wanted to move away from the Teflon-type non-stick and so purchased a cast iron frypan. Their initial enthusiasm was soon replaced by all the new problems this pan has (not to mention the weight of it!).

Do you mind using Teflon-type non-stick frypans (there are cheap versions and expensive versions)? If you haven't already tried the cheap ones, maybe give them a try first?
Re: Frypans
January 16, 2016 06:45PM
Last year I bought a set of 3 cast-iron frying pans from Briscoes at a bargain price and I followed the manufacturers instructions for seasoning and caring for them. They very soon got that lovely glossy patina and I rarely have to use any extra oil, but when I do, it's usually only about a teaspoonful for the largest pan, less for the two smaller ones. They get my vote for the best thing I bought for the whole of 2015!

For their care, I never, ever use detergent of any sort nor do they go in the dishwasher. I simply wait till they're cool and give them a wipe out. If they need more than that, they get washed only in very hot water with a pot brush, without dish liquid and are then dried with a paper towel, placed on a very low heat for a few minutes to allow them to completely dry. If necessary, I will give them a smear of oil and place a paper towel between each one while they're stored away. I have only had to re-season one of them once but it was much quicker than the first time I seasoned them. All cast-iron needs re-seasoning occasionally.

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Re: Frypans
January 16, 2016 08:15PM
I second what Lorna said. I've got two cast iron pans, both bought at a Salvation Army Shop. One is a Le Creuset, the other an unknown brand with the expensive (retail price) Le Creuset performing no better than the other one. I've had them for some years and, like Lorna, I need to use only a very small amount of oil for frying. I clean them in the way that Lorna does. I also have a Green Pan which is non-stick and can be used on high heat but this one also needs a small quantity of oil to prevent sticking. Yes, cast iron is heavy but they are real work horses. I've got rid of the Teflon ones over time. My expensive scan pan did not live up to the reputation.
Re: Frypans
January 17, 2016 08:50PM
Yes, my cast iron frying pans are the ones I use the most but they do need to be oiled, even if you don't add oil before cooking.
I do have two Tefal nonstick ones for sticky foods like dumplings. They've lasted me at least five years but I think it's because they don't get used a lot. You don't need to use oil on them but I would never use them to cook a steak because you aren't meant to use them on a high temperature (for when I feel like a blue/rare staek with a hard sear).

I have to admit that I do thrash my cast iron pans a bit. I use detergent if needed and then dry them on an element turned up high. They're still great despite the neglect.
Re: Frypans
January 18, 2016 07:28PM
They are for a gift of someone is cant have oil or the oil spray , thanks
Re: Frypans
January 18, 2016 07:36PM
About 4 years ago I bought a Woll fry pan,it is a bit heavy but the advantages are great. The handle comes off so I can put it into the oven & sink easily. I don't use oil, I wipe it clean with a damp cloth. It holds the heat well & I cook nearly everything in it even boil food in it. A bit pricey but well worth it. I never put it into the dish washer. Love it.
Re: Frypans
January 19, 2016 08:04PM
Thanks Lyn V , I will look into that pan ...
Re: Frypans
March 26, 2017 11:10PM
Just reading this post are you able to tell me how to season a cast iron pan please?
Re: Frypans
March 27, 2017 05:14AM
Lorna - what brand were the cast-iron pans you bought at Briscoes? I've seen several in Briscoes' sales, looked at them doubtfully, and wondered whether they would be as good as the old-fashioned ones. I've been looking for the latter in op shops, but never (to date) found one in good condition.
Re: Frypans
March 27, 2017 03:00PM
Time flies so fast, I thought I had bought those pans in 2015 according to my above post, but I've just pulled out the invoice with instructions attached and I actually bought them in August 2013.

Karena, they are the Hampton & Mason set of 3 pre-seasoned cast iron frying pans and they came with a 25 year guarantee.

faheyregal, I have emailed you a copy of the instructions on how to season them. Even though it says they are pre-seasoned, I followed the re-seasoning instructions before I used them.
(Whisper to you: you shouldn't have your email address displayed in a public forum! There is a private messaging system with this forum so that we can send each other private messages without exposing our personal information to the whole world. Just ask if you need help with using it. smiling smiley )

If anyone else wants the instructions, I'll be happy to pm them to you. I tried to attach the file, but apparently we can only attach pictures. What a pity! Would be great to be able to attach other formats, such as .pdf
Re: Frypans
March 27, 2017 03:13PM
I just want to add that the cast iron pans I bought are completely cast iron, handle and all, just like the old-fashioned ones, so they can be used anywhere: stove-top, oven or barbeque. I paid the princely sum of $19.95 plus $5 p&p. As I said, it was the bargain of the year, even if I did get the year wrong at first!
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